May 30th |

Take a Break From Social Media

It’s true, chocolate solves everything, even social media burnout.

It’s funny to consider that it really wasn’t long ago when we were using landlines to arrange meetings, faxed each other documents and spoke our thoughts aloud, rather than posting them to Twitter. (more…)

May 30th |

Highlights From iStrategy: Social Media Expertise

Stamford Bridge was the focus of a giant celebration last week, as fans everywhere heralded in the dawn of a new era. That’s right, we’re talking about iStrategy’s social media conference, held in the ground of some insignificant sports team that no-one’s ever heard of, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday. (more…)

May 24th |

Are Automated Twitter DMs Actually Worth Sending?

Is it just us, or are Twitter inboxes becoming even more clogged with auto-DMs recently? With the endless blog posts and grumbly tweets about their existence flooding all corners of the internet, it does beg the question: why are people still using automated direct messages on Twitter? (more…)

May 24th |

Volvo’s Social Media Ventures

With social media still trying to prove its worth to many large corporations, sometimes it can be interesting to take a look at how some of those businesses are approaching the medium. Regular Brandwatch contributor Felicia Baratz-Savage takes a look at how motoring giant Volvo has tackled the opportunity, with particular regard to its B2B ventures. (more…)

May 24th |

The Importance of Brand Perception

Not for the first time, the setup for this post involves heralding the rise of social media and the opportunities it now presents. It’s fast-becoming a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Indeed, it rings no truer than when considering branding. (more…)