Jul 27th |

Social Media The Crime Fighting Renegade

At one point or another we’ve all thought about how cool it would be to become a police officer. As small children we’d play cop and robber, going around the house with our hands cupped together making a play gun, cautiously looking around the corner before springing forward in laughter. Unfortunately, the dreams of rocking a holster and steel-toe boots are long gone, but not completely lost… (more…)

Jul 24th |

Launching our Sponsor Twitter Tracker

We’ve partnered with MediaCom Sport, the sports marketing division of MediaCom Worldwide, to once again put together an insightful and fun data visualisation, this time surrounding the Olympic sponsors’ buzz.

The upcoming games is set to be one of the most popular social media events in sporting history, with Twitter playing a prominent role as host of the online buzz surrounding the various competitions. (more…)