Aug 29th |

4 Lessons in Hashtag Marketing

The Twitter social marketing bloc has seen plenty of trends and experiments in the past twelve months, as plenty of marketing teams have joined in the heated debate about the pros and cons of which type of hashtag promotion to use on Twitter. (more…)

Aug 22nd |

Back to School and the Virtual Experience

As kids, growing up, August represented the last few weeks of late night playing outdoors, last-minute trips to the lake and endless mosquito bites. As the nights dwindled, the sadness began to creep up as the summer was ending which only meant one thing: time to go back to school. (more…)

Aug 20th |

Where is the Best Place to Network?

There’s no doubt that social media has had a profound impact on how businesses market themselves. Just about everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ account now, and businesses are following suit. (more…)

Aug 17th |

The Automotive Sector Navigating Social Media

The automotive world is no stranger to innovation, with one of the first models built in 1894. Though, we are far beyond the days of steam-powered vehicles. In fact, it was estimated that in 2010 the number of automobiles rose to over 1 billion vehicles, compared to the 5 million reached in 1986.

Aug 16th |

Why Data Nerds Will Inherit the Earth

Steve Richards is MD of social media agency Yomego, who work with brands such as Tesco, British Airways and Morrison Bowmore Distillers to devise social media strategies to harness the full potential of social spaces.

A digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience agency-side, Steve specialises in helping brands to explore the potential of new channels, driving consumer interaction and exploiting new revenue streams.