Feb 5th |
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Launching Automated Reports: Regular Reporting Made Easy

Ah, reporting. We’re all familiar with putting together regular reports on our social (hopefully) success. Regular reporting on your social data allows you to better evaluate how your brand and social activities are performing, helping you to better prove the ROI of all that hard work.

But we all know that putting together daily, weekly or even monthly reports can be a laborious task. That’s why today we’re launching Automated Reports. 

Automated Reports take all of the pain out of regular reporting, saving you precious time and making getting an overview of your data and sharing it with others easy.


Dec 2nd |
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Understand the Impact of TV with Minute-by-Minute Analysis

I have to admit, the data geek inside me squealed a little when I found out we were launching minute-by-minute charting. So many opportunities for some super cool analysis and very few platforms allow you to get this granular.

As we said in the launch post, there are many many different ways of using this feature, along with its accompanying time picker options, but today we’re focusing all on ads and television programmes. (more…)

Dec 2nd |

Introducing Minute-by-Minute Charting for a Better Understanding of the Moments That Matter

We all know that billions of conversations take place online everyday, and that analysing those conversations can provide insight into what’s causing buzz.

But imagine being able to understand that buzz on a moment-by-moment basis – to understand the exact moments, down to the minute, causing peaks in conversation, topic and sentiment changes, and surfacing new audiences to engage with.

Now, for the first time, you can do just that with minute-by-minute charting in Brandwatch. (more…)

Oct 16th |
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Fall in Love With Queries With The New Builder & Sample Queries

Tomorrow, users of Brandwatch will see the brand spanking new Query builder in all its glory within the platform, as well as our new Sample Queries functionality. We’re a bit bonkers about Queries here, and we know many of you are too, so we’re very excited.

We can’t go on enough about the importance of good Queries. Queries are the key to good data, and good data is the start of good analysis, and good analysis is…well, you get the idea. (more…)