Dec 19th |

Err … We’re Very Sorry But We Made a Mistake

Just as we were starting to get in the Christmas spirit and look back on 2013 with a sense of a job well done, we’ve unfortunately discovered some bad news today, relating to one one our reports.

This year we’ve released lots of reports, research and other insights using the social data that we capture, and presented it in useful and interesting ways.  (more…)

Aug 29th |

The Importance of Email: Does It Even Matter?

Emails are probably the grandparent of internet technologies, and not necessarily in a good way. My father tells me that in days of yore, emails were for mucking about between co-workers, while the real work got done via printed memos.

In the workplace of my generation, Skype, Facebook, mobile apps and other IM services help colleagues share thoughts that aren’t ‘official’ enough to warrant an email. (more…)