Oct 2nd |

We Knew It! Brandwatch is one of Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC

Everyone who works at Brandwatch, all positions in all locations, makes a very collaborative effort to make our work environment the absolute best it can be.

And it’s not just the Bagel Fridays, ping pong tournaments, the kegerator (our in-house beer keg!) and countless happy hours that we get to partake in.


Oct 1st |

The Genius of Social Media for Small Businesses

There’s a certain appeal in thinking back to a simpler time, when everyone in a town knew everyone else and you were probably friends with the grocer and the hardware store owner.

Whether you can remember the age of “mum-and-dad” stores personally, or have just heard about them from your grandparents, you’ll probably agree that it would be nice to feel like you’re dealing with a business you know and trust rather than some faceless corporation. (more…)