Apr 22nd |
Brandwatch Eco-Influencers

Insights: The Top 100 Eco-Influencers

Earth Day started 45 years ago, an embryonic stage in the development of the personal computer, an age that would have required ample doses of LSD to imagine the ubiquity of today’s internet chirping with tweets. It was also about the same time that the human species became conscious, at least in isolated cases, of our power to influence the fate of nature.

While the story of technology has been one that increasingly disconnected us from nature, the global brain taking shape on the neural networks of social media offers a prospect to bring us back in sync with the natural rhythms of the planet.


Apr 22nd |

Marketing: 4 Ways to Showcase Your Brand Using The Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard, the Internet of Things is the future of marketing and it is time for businesses to start preparing for the future.

The Internet of Things is the connectivity of previously unconnected or “dark” objects. Research from eMarketer predicts that the amount of connected objects will increase more than 5 times from the amount that exist today by 2020.

Estimates suggest there are currently close to 5 billion connected objects; if the prediction is correct, that means 25 billion connected objects in the next five years. (more…)

Apr 21st |
Brandwatch Untagged Coversations

Marketing: Uncovering Untagged Mentions

For any social media intelligence stack, data lies at the foundation and dictates the capabilities and credibility of any insight extracted.

It seems painfully obvious that the quality of the data would determine the success of all ensuing efforts, but too often do community managers, social media researchers and marketers miss a significant portion of the conversation. That may be the result of poor web crawlers, incomplete data providers, a social intelligence platform with weak data management capabilities or a query that does not capture the relevant chatter.


Apr 17th |
Level Up Image

Events: Helping our Clients Level-Up at Masterclass

Our ‘What If’ Moment


Take a moment to reminisce on a day from your youth where you had one of those risky ‘what if…’ ideas? Maybe it was ‘what if I put a bunch of ants in a cage and made an ant farm’ or ‘what if I put all the cookies in my pockets and all the vegetables in the garbage.’

If I can recall from my childhood, while these weren’t always the most successful of endeavors, the occasional rewards (or harsh learnings) were certainly lasting.


Apr 16th |

Marketing: How to Optimize your Conversion Rates

It’s time for an introduction: Higher conversion rates, I’d like you to meet increased sales and customer satisfaction, sometimes we like to call it bigger profits for short. Conversion rates are holding hands with its best friend, web design.

In a “Web Credibility Research” study performed by Stanford, they found that 75% of users make judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website. (more…)

Apr 15th |

Marketing: Top 8 Busy Marketer Hacks For Shareable Content

Traffic and views aren’t KPI number one for most of us.

Our success or failure, in a lot of areas, comes down to people sharing our content. Shares on Facebook, Twitter and (increasingly) Reddit drive a massive amount of activity on our blog.

We put a lot of time into tracking exactly who is sharing sharing our articles, engaging with our Tweets, and commenting on our Facebook posts, but our all time biggest hits can still baffle us a little bit sometimes. (more…)