Aug 20th |
awesome booth

Events 101: Boasting the Best Booth

In the last installment of Events 101 we discussed how social media monitoring platforms can be used to enhance the qualifying process of events for effective events management.

You want to make sure you have the best chance of success, so preparation is essential.

But, it doesn’t stop there! Why not take your booth to the next level?


Aug 14th |

Social Media Tips That Add SEO Value

Social media sharing has a minimal yet powerful contribution to the improvement of one page or site’s ranking on search results.

Though it doesn’t guarantee a link pointing to your site, when someone shares your content it increases the likelihood of getting more visibility on certain social media platforms, and thus, allows bloggers to see your content and could possibility link back to you. (more…)

Aug 14th |

Find Relevant Leads with #brandwatchtips

Welcome, bienvenido, willkommen and the like, to the first ever installment of the #brandwatchtips video series!

We recently launched these videos to show off all the amazing and varied use cases that can be achieved with the Brandwatch Analytics platform.


Aug 12th |

It’s All In The Timing: How Brands Get It Right (And Oh So Wrong)

We have a long-running joke in our house that if we go food shopping straight after work, I have to take my boyfriend a snack to have in the car so he doesn’t go completely batshit and buy everything in the supermarket.

And I mean everything. Things we usually wouldn’t dare have in the house are suddenly overflowing out of the shopping cart and into our faces.