Oct 17th |

160,000 Stars in the World: Discussing the Power of Influencers

“There are 160,000 stars in the world.”

This was one of the intriguing notions offered on last Saturday’s Radio 4 programme ‘The Bottom Line’.

The subject? How social media is creating new dynamics between brands, celebrities, and the consumer. The guests were Edwina Dunn, the CEO of Starcount; Dominic Burch, senior director of marketing innovation at Asda, and Robin Grant, co-founder of We Are Social.


Oct 17th |

A Tale of Two Tech Giants: Why You Can’t Always Trust The Buzz Alone

Estimating how a product will fare in its market before its release is vital to every product launch, allowing you to work out ROI, stock levels, distribution, pricing strategies and so on and so forth.

Traditionally, companies went to potential customers to test their shiny new products and gauge how they would field in the real world. For example, Google Glass allowed fans to buy their beta product for £1,000. That’s right, £1,000 for an unfinished product.


Oct 16th |

Discover New Analysis Opportunities with Sample Queries

We all know the adage “bigger is better,” but today we want to give credit to the old saying “less is more”.

In statistics, samples are used to represent a large set of data with more efficiency than combing through every piece of information. Sampling is widely used in music, manufacturing, and science to gather insights from large data sets quickly and accurately. (more…)

Oct 10th |

How Product Badging Helps Increase Conversions and Branding

Ever heard of product badges? They are like “virtual stickers” that are added to online products to call attention to special information about a product.

When used on e-commerce websites, product badging has been proved to increase conversion rates by 55%. If you haven’t thought about product badging for your website, there are many benefits to trying it out, the best of which is, of course, the increase in conversions. (more…)

Oct 7th |

We Predict It: Who Will Win the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

It started with an off-the-cuff conversation in the office. I’m pretty excited about it already. Others couldn’t care less. But let’s ignore those people.

And now, with just under a year until the 2015 Rugby World Cup kicks off, we’ve delved into the passionate, whole hearted conversation surrounding the competition and picked out a whole bunch of stats about what people (other than just us here in the office) really think about the tournament.