Nov 20th |

Uncovering the Capabilities of Social Media Market Research

Historically, brands have often performed market research with the aim that their strategic decisions could be based off more than just instinct.  They’ve commissioned focus groups, consumer surveys or psychology experiments to answer a specific question that will help inform their choices.


Nov 20th |

The Silent Majority: Social Data isn’t Representative of Everyone

This post by our Community Manager, Phill, got me thinking about big numbers.

The idea that there are half a billion people lurking on Twitter, viewing tweets but not logging on and actually engaging actively on the platform, made me consider how we in the industry talk about numbers, and the people behind them. As an example, take Twitter’s claim that 4.2 billion people saw Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar pic. 4.2 billion.


Nov 18th |

Twitter’s 500 Million Lurkers: A Mixed Blessing?

Twitter’s tweets tend to feature in the news a lot these days, embedded in articles, published on papers, and featured on broadcasts. However, in the last month Twitter have been taking the headlines for themselves.

In late October, Twitter’s stock fell the day after the company reported that its active user-base growth had slowed to 23%, compared with 24% in the previous quarter.

Twitter’s total monthly user base now stands at 284 million, some way off the 1.27 billion who use Facebook.