Apr 16th |

Accommodation Booking Website Uses Social Listening To Improve Customer Service

To add to the catalogue of content Brandwatch are publishing this month relating to the Travel and Leisure industry, we wanted to share the wonderful success our client LateRooms.com has quite rightfully earned.

LateRooms.com are the UK’s leading hotel booking specialist. (more…)

Apr 11th |

How Can Luxury Brands use Social Media?

If your brand’s identity is based on an aura of prestige, impeccable service and exclusivity, how do you maintain that quality in the recent era of social networking?

Many luxury brands have a nagging fear when they think about this question: what if it cheapens your prestige?


Apr 4th |
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Ten DOs and DON’Ts in Social Media Analytics

Everyone these days is “doing” data. Or is at least attempting to. And we all know that “doing” data is not easy.

It takes time, patience, precision, skill, logical thinking, and that special sauce that magically helps you find the right information in the ocean of social mentions. (more…)