Dec 18th |

Getting Weird With Robots: 6 Twitter Bots To Remix Your Images

Dig around in strange parts of Twitter long enough, and you’ll be bound to stumble across accounts that aren’t quite human.

Twitter robots are unmanned accounts that compose tweets with the help of clever programming. The bot behind @everyword completed its seven year task in June, tweeting every word in the English language.


Dec 17th |

5 Ways To Use Charting by Minute for Community Management

As you might already know, last week we launched a new Brandwatch feature: Minute-by-minute charting. Now, for the first time, you can understand buzz on a moment-by-moment basis, showing the exact moments provoking peaks in conversation, sentiment and topic changes and shining a light on new audiences to engage with.

This can prove particularly useful for analysing buzz around TV shows, live events and advert slots.


Dec 12th |
the team

Inside Brandwatch: From Pizza Boy to Product Master

I just want to state, for the record, that I have not been bribed or coerced into writing my next sentence.

I love working at Brandwatch and one of the main reasons why is the people!

But, it’s not only the staff that love Brandwatchers, our clients like us a little bit too.

The subject of this edition of “Inside Brandwatch”- VPE Product Strategy Glenn White - is a customer fave. (more…)