Nov 26th |
target audience

Converse and Convert: Top Tips for Finding Your Target Audience

Social media marketing is unique. Now, I’m not just saying this because I work as a digital marketer. It’s true.

In comparison to traditional forms of marketing, this reasonably new method allows for a much more engaging and personal approach.

Instead of sending out one-way messages, marketers can interact with their target markets in a conversational and friendly way.

Marketing teams who can locate the conversations that matter are likely to find a receptive audience and attract potential customers into interacting with their material.

But how do you connect with this audience and understand their wants and needs?


Nov 26th |

What’s So Good About Being Engaging on Social Media?

If you work in marketing, it’s likely that either you or someone in your team has a KPI relating to engagement. Indeed, Brandwatch’s own forays into OKRs have included some aims to increase social media engagement.

There have been countless articles on determining how to measure engagement, so I will do you the courteous service of ignoring that point for now.


Nov 25th |

Holidays Are Coming! It’s Time to Ramp Up Your Marketing Strategy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and businesses are getting ready to launch their holiday marketing campaigns.

The holiday months present many opportunities for business. Throughout November and December, businesses make nearly 20% of their yearly profits. In fact, last year businesses made $57.4 million with Black Friday sales alone.


Nov 24th |

Changes to Twitter DM: The Next Big Private Messenger?

Some of you trigger happy Tweeters out there might have noticed a fair few changes to your social media platform of choice.

Native video sharing and editing, personalized timeline highlights, improved Twitter DM, instant timelines, and a repositioned posting bar have all been released over the last two weeks – all of which aim to make the microblogging platform easier to use for current users and help new accounts settle in.


Nov 24th |
London (1)

How a VisitEngland Campaign Made the ‘Staycation’ Big News

Tourism in England generates a massive £97 billion a year. VisitEngland, the official national tourism body for England, sought to increase the number of Brits holidaying at home, helping to create 250,000 jobs.

They turned to myclever™ Agency, a social-first digital agency, for help. With Visit England, we at myclever™ Agency conceived and managed an award-winning “Hall Of Fame” campaign across the brand’s social channels, with a user-generated digital gallery of “great and good” tourism spots and activities. (more…)

Nov 21st |

Getting Fanatical About Demographic Data

There’s nothing more passionate then a stadium full of sports fans.

Being surrounded by them, you can certainly feel every bit of anguish or joy throughout an intense game.

But, these types of reactive emotions aren’t just confined to the stands. In their droves, supporters head to social media platforms to express their love or hate of the beautiful game. (more…)

Nov 20th |

The Silent Majority: Social Data isn’t Representative of Everyone

This post by our Community Manager, Phill, got me thinking about big numbers.

The idea that there are half a billion people lurking on Twitter, viewing tweets but not logging on and actually engaging actively on the platform, made me consider how we in the industry talk about numbers, and the people behind them. As an example, take Twitter’s claim that 4.2 billion people saw Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar pic. 4.2 billion.