Jul 29th |

Why People Share Stuff Online

“I want it to go viral!”, says your boss.

Okay, so fair to say we are beyond the stage where we naively believe that every piece of content that we create can and will go viral. Although we love to dream, unfortunately the internet doesn’t work that way.


Jul 23rd |

Open-Brandwatch, Stage One

Sharing is something we are taught as children, and spend many years painfully unlearning as adults, once we’re thrust out into a world of competitive advantage. But, despite my many years of capitalist conditioning, I remain a huge fan of sharing.


Jul 23rd |

4 Crucial LinkedIn Features Every Business Should Have

LinkedIn is the social network for businesses and business professionals. It is the best way to connect with others, source leads, find jobs, and network online.

Most businesses can greatly benefit from having a presence on LinkedIn. In fact, all 500 of the Fortune500 businesses have established a presence on LinkedIn.