Sep 12th |

8 Tips to Make Your Mark Through Social Media Campaigns

“Put it in Facebook and it will get to everyone”,

the common sentence that you hear in almost all the organizations, be it a dingy two room start-up with high aspirations and hopes for the future, or those business giants with glass walled buildings all over the world, making turnover of millions and millions of dollars. (more…)

Sep 10th |

Event 101: Don’t Speculate … Evaluate!

Measuring the success of an event does not finish after the final presentation of a conference.

No, there are lots of juicy insights still to be gleamed from the online conversations.

By evaluating the reactions of attendees to a brands presence at an event, it can then be determined if it has all been worth it. (more…)

Sep 3rd |

Paid Promotion: Should You Be Paying Up?

Over the last year, Facebook has all but killed the organic reach of your page posts, leaving you with no choice but to hope for referrals from your diminishing amount of reach, or pay for exposure.

Facebook has changed its filtering system meaning your posts will only go out to a fraction of your friends or followers.


Sep 2nd |

A Social Media Recipe for Food Brands

When Kraft’s Ninja Mac & Cheese appeared on the shelves this year, the familiar pasta and sauce product may have looked a little less vibrantly colored than your children were used to.

That’s because Kraft has revamped its product line. Their Macaroni & Cheese products now have six additional grams of whole grains (whoop, 6 grams!), less sodium and saturated fat, and most importantly, they’re free of food coloring.