Aug 23rd |

How to: Use Brandwatch Alerts for Brand Management

Recently I had to present to about 200 people at a client event a brief “how-to” guide to using Brandwatch Alerts.

It was a scary prospect at first (I’m quite terrified of public speaking), but it made me realise that, whilst there are many varied and wonderful (and quite advanced) ways of using Brandwatch, it is sometimes some of the more basic features that users have overlooked and are not utilising that can be the most powerful. (more…)

Aug 21st |

Why Owned vs Earned is More Important Than Ever

‘Owned vs. earned’ is a phrase that, if you’ve ever spent any time reading about the world of marketing, PR or social media, you’ve probably heard plenty of times.

It’s not a new concept, but in recent years it has increasingly been applied to digital media strategies.