Feb 28th |

How to Effectively Incorporate Google+ Into Your Brand’s Content Strategy

When Google launched Google+ in June 2011, it was all the internet was talking about.

But just two months later, traffic to Google+ dropped and its merits as the next big social platform were hotly contested. (more…)

Feb 25th |

Was WhatsApp a Bargain After All? [Infographic]

The WhatsApp acquisition is a strategical move towards expanding the Facebook ecosystem: everyday people send more than 1 billion messages using WhatsApp, and the ferocity behind the complaints when it was down last weekend are the most recent proof of its importance for more than 450 million people worldwide. (more…)

Feb 20th |
Bank 2

Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Exchange

Everybody knows this tired, old saying: the customer is always right.

Although annoyingly clichéd it is still as relevant as when it was first uttered.

In a sense it is not about being right or wrong, but the concept of making sure the customer feels valued throughout their journey within a company.