Jul 14th |
google my business

What Google My Business Means for Your Brand: 6 Key Changes

Google+ Local, Google Pages, Google Local Business Center — the Google graveyard is littered with small business products.

Even up until a few weeks ago, navigating the many “essential” Google SMB products was time consuming at best, confusing at worst, given that there were so many different platforms to master, navigate and maintain. (more…)

Jul 11th |

Rethinking Architecture

Editor’s note: Interested in the Engineering team and what they get up to? They’ve got their own blog over at engineering.brandwatch.com. Head over there for insights into what makes them tick, what they’re working on and other developments behind the scenes.


Every application, however small, has it – even a small command line utility or PHP website.

As an application grows it becomes more and more important to have a good architecture otherwise the cost of making changes becomes too large, meaning development slows to a crawl or the product becomes more and more buggy and unstable. This is commonly referred to as Technical Debt. (more…)

Jul 10th |

Social Performance (and the Sound of Silence)

Social performance. That modernest of metrics. Social performance is the way we measure “impact” in the world of big data.

It is an approximation of the weight of a tossed stone, extrapolated from the size of the ripples it made. From the chatter it generated. (more…)

Jul 7th |

Measuring ROI: Understanding the True Value of Digital Touch Points

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customer” – Seth Godin

The ‘digital era’ that everyone keeps talking about places consumers on a pedestal – as they’re the central piece of the puzzle.

Indeed, companies have got better at understanding what satisfies their customers, but we are often too busy to pay attention to the thousands of advertisements bombarding us day after day. (more…)

Jul 4th |
Berlin TV Tower

Meet the Measurement Team

Based in our brand-new Berlin office is the Measurement Team, a cross-discipline team who focus on one of Brandwatch’s key use cases, The Measurer.

A Measurer wants hard numbers to gauge the success of their projects. They need to be able to check the success of their campaigns over time, and determine their project’s share of voice against that of their competitors.

Jul 3rd |

A Case for Long-term Agency Relationships

When a brand needs to innovate, test or validate new concepts, or simply needs to step outside the existing process of approval, agencies become that testing ground.

When we look at the launch of engaged brands in social in ’06, ’07 & ’08, 90% of the time the success is a result of an agency team paired with a risk taker in a brand focused on succeeding where others have failed. Once successful, the brand brings it in-house.