Oct 30th |
Computer child

The Future of Social: What Jobs Will Generation Z Have?

It goes without saying that the children of today will affect the future of tomorrow. But how will they differ from previous generations and what will they bring to the table?

These kids are ‘Generation Z’ (born after 1995) they have been brought up in an era driven by technological advancement.  (more…)

Oct 24th |
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Marketing Theories: Relevant or Ridiculous?

“Just as we have created illusions of control we have also created a language of marketing that reinforces these illusions”

Hollins, 2003

Marketing is a powerful communication tool used by all brands; it helps relate the value of the brand to its consumers in the bid to increase sales and loyalty. (more…)

Oct 23rd |

Six Seconds of Silliness: The 11 Funniest Vines

Vine has been one of the social media success stories for 2013, with brands and consumers alike embracing the network’s quirky format in abundance.

Perhaps the most flattering of compliments is that the Facebook-owned Instagram even implemented a micro-video feature not long after the initial success of Vine. (more…)

Oct 23rd |

Listen and Engage with the New Brandwatch/HootSuite Integration

Today we’re announcing a new integration with the world’s most popular social relationship platform, HootSuite, which lets you get even more out of your social media monitoring.

HootSuite is a great platform for managing your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, with plenty of engagement and collaboration features. If you’ve never used it, we urge you to check it out. (more…)