Aug 5th |

How Social Media Intelligence is Adding Value in the Third Sector

There is little reason why non-profit organizations should look at online research differently to brands whose primary goal is making money. No matter how noble the cause, charities have a challenging message to convey and can use social media platforms as a valuable means to communicate their cause. (more…)

Aug 1st |

What is Your Social Media Customer Service Gap?

When I started writing books about internet marketing in 2000, I was interested to look beyond ways to use the internet to grow leads and sales.

It seemed that internet-based customer service – “Web Self-Service” as we called it – would also have a strong role. PR Smith and I emphasised this with the ’5s Goals’ for businesses to consider in what we now call digital marketing. (more…)

Jul 29th |

The Future of Niche Communities in Social

From the first newsgroups and mailing lists, the online space has always been a mecca for special interest groups and communities to flourish.

But as the marketplace of platforms that provide the means for people to connect and share – or ‘social media’ – becomes dominated and consolidated by a few larger players, it’s worth asking what the future holds for niche communities. (more…)

Jul 26th |

The Royal Birth in Numbers [Infographic]

This week, the world’s media went crazy for the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis. Whilst Kate was in labour in St Mary’s Hospital in London, social media was alight with predictions and questions about the baby, from the sex and weight, to the name and time of birth. (more…)