Jan 14th |

Why 2014 is the Year of Social Media Advertising

Facebook news feeds and Twitter timelines are usually filled with the typical stuff. Pictures of babies and pets. Holiday and vacation albums. The occasional work-related gripe or political post.

But this year, the photos and links in our news feeds are joined by something else: ads.

That’s right – from sponsored posts to promoted pins, native advertising has found a home in social media.

So, which social networks are already integrating ads into their feeds, and what does that mean for brands? (more…)

Jan 10th |

Seniors Are More Social Than You Think

In this ad created for Do.com by the hipsters at San Francisco’s Muh-tay-zik | Hof-fer agency, a senior citizen named Ernie is told he has only 17 minutes to live.

He uses the Do ‘social productivity app’ on his iPad to organize his own – ahem – going away party in an assisted living facility. (more…)

Dec 18th |
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How to Improve the Quantity and Quality of WOM

“Marketers need to stop trying to control what their brands stand for, and listen to their customers. We are operating in a very much ‘let-go’ world”  


Here at Brandwatch there is nothing we like more than a good ol’ bit of analysis. (more…)