Sep 3rd |

Top Tips for Using Brandwatch Rules

Rules are one of our favourite features of Brandwatch. They cut down on lots of otherwise manual and time-consuming work, automating many of the mark up and segmenting tasks that make data extra insightful. (more…)

Aug 29th |

The Importance of Email: Does It Even Matter?

Emails are probably the grandparent of internet technologies, and not necessarily in a good way. My father tells me that in days of yore, emails were for mucking about between co-workers, while the real work got done via printed memos.

In the workplace of my generation, Skype, Facebook, mobile apps and other IM services help colleagues share thoughts that aren’t ‘official’ enough to warrant an email. (more…)

Aug 23rd |

Australian Election 2013: Labor is dominant online but may be missing out

Social media lore tells us that left of centre parties dominate politics online, but largely gone are the days where those voicing opinions online are by nature more socially liberal – if that was ever true.

Examination of last year’s presidential battle in the United States revealed significant support for the Republican candidate, underscoring the importance of rightwing voices on such platforms. (more…)