Nov 17th |

It’s All About The Moustache  

November, that special month of the year when the men in your life put down their razors and start to grow their facial hair in honor of men’s health issues.

With this weekend marking the halfway point of the month, it means that the Movember and No-Shave November campaigns are half-grown. (more…)

Nov 11th |
Brandwatch Vizia Command Center

7 Key Applications for a Social Media Command Center

Businesses are becoming better listeners. Whereas communication was once a one-way path from brands to consumers, there is now a two-way conversation.

Yet while many businesses have grown adept at social listening, the truth is that the online monitoring space is still relatively nascent. The way brands collect, separate, analyze and visualize social data is constantly evolving to serve a wider range of business operations.


Oct 27th |

Check One Two & Brandwatch: #FeelingNuts for Cancer Awareness

Brandwatch has been #FeelingNuts for the past few weeks by supporting the team at Check One Two and their mission to eradicate testicular cancer.

The movement shares information via social media explaining how to check for early signs of testicular cancer. They’ve been able to multiply the reach of the campaign by challenging people to ‘feel their nuts’, and similarly to the Ice Bucket Challenge, those who are challenged will challenge their friends to do the same.