Feb 5th |
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Launching Automated Reports: Regular Reporting Made Easy

Ah, reporting. We’re all familiar with putting together regular reports on our social (hopefully) success. Regular reporting on your social data allows you to better evaluate how your brand and social activities are performing, helping you to better prove the ROI of all that hard work.

But we all know that putting together daily, weekly or even monthly reports can be a laborious task. That’s why today we’re launching Automated Reports. 

Automated Reports take all of the pain out of regular reporting, saving you precious time and making getting an overview of your data and sharing it with others easy.


Feb 4th |

PR Tracking Using Social Media Monitoring: How It Works

Media monitoring. PR tracking. Press clipping services. There are dozens of phrases used to describe what to call the process of understanding what the media are saying about you, but the field is constantly changing.

It all began over a hundred years ago, when a Polish newsagent in 1852 decided to offer to read every newspaper and sell only the parts that included famous actors, artists and musicians at the time, so that the celebrities could get a better idea of when journalists were talking about them. (more…)

Jan 16th |

Can Social Data Predict the 2015 UK General Election?

On Monday 30th March 2015, the current UK parliament will be dissolved.

Five and a half weeks later, on Thursday 7th May, there will be a General Election to decide a new one. This is not prophecy, this is the Fixed Terms Parliament Act of 2011, which has decreed, for the first time, that we know these dates far in advance.

But what happens after 7th May is much harder to predict.

Can social data allow us any foresight?


Jan 13th |

Intel Made The Biggest Splash at CES 2015, But Why?

Over at Text 100, our social media conversation analysis shows Intel created quite a stir during the second and third days of CES 2015.

Over the course of CES, a number of brands created a large amount of buzz – but none more so than Intel. The tech giant ranked highest in social mentions and impressions by riding a wave of media coverage sparked by the Tuesday night keynote speech from CEO Brian Krzanich who ended his presentation on a bang. (more…)