Oct 24th |
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Why Wearable Tech Hasn’t Reached The Mainstream Yet

“Smartwatches will be the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad defined the market for tablets,” said Chris Jones, VP and Principal Analyst at research firm Canalys, last summer.

According to their forecasts, the smartwatch market was expected worldwide shipments to hit 500,000 this year and climb past 5 million by 2014.

2014 was said to be the year of wearable tech! (more…)

Oct 22nd |

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Monitoring

Things move incredibly fast in the world of social media, so innovating and staying ahead of the curve is extremely important when it comes to enhancing your social media efforts.

To help you maximise the value of your social media monitoring achievements across your business, we’ll be talking through a selection of the most powerful features in a social listening tool and will demonstrate how you can use these clever approaches to return business-changing results.


Oct 17th |

A Tale of Two Tech Giants: Why You Can’t Always Trust The Buzz Alone

Estimating how a product will fare in its market before its release is vital to every product launch, allowing you to work out ROI, stock levels, distribution, pricing strategies and so on and so forth.

Traditionally, companies went to potential customers to test their shiny new products and gauge how they would field in the real world. For example, Google Glass allowed fans to buy their beta product for £1,000. That’s right, £1,000 for an unfinished product.