Dec 10th |

5 Ways To Boost Your Social Lead Generation

Many of us tap into the millions of reviews and comments on social media to find influencers, resolve customer complaints, buzz monitoring and the like. But one use that is often overlooked is the hunt for prospects. (more…)

Dec 2nd |
jl ad

Understand the Impact of TV with Minute-by-Minute Analysis

I have to admit, the data geek inside me squealed a little when I found out we were launching minute-by-minute charting. So many opportunities for some super cool analysis and very few platforms allow you to get this granular.

As we said in the launch post, there are many many different ways of using this feature, along with its accompanying time picker options, but today we’re focusing all on ads and television programmes. (more…)

Dec 2nd |

Introducing Minute-by-Minute Charting for a Better Understanding of the Moments That Matter

We all know that billions of conversations take place online everyday, and that analysing those conversations can provide insight into what’s causing buzz.

But imagine being able to understand that buzz on a moment-by-moment basis – to understand the exact moments, down to the minute, causing peaks in conversation, topic and sentiment changes, and surfacing new audiences to engage with.

Now, for the first time, you can do just that with minute-by-minute charting in Brandwatch. (more…)

Nov 24th |
London (1)

How a VisitEngland Campaign Made the ‘Staycation’ Big News

Tourism in England generates a massive £97 billion a year. VisitEngland, the official national tourism body for England, sought to increase the number of Brits holidaying at home, helping to create 250,000 jobs.

They turned to myclever™ Agency, a social-first digital agency, for help. With Visit England, we at myclever™ Agency conceived and managed an award-winning “Hall Of Fame” campaign across the brand’s social channels, with a user-generated digital gallery of “great and good” tourism spots and activities. (more…)