Nov 18th |

Twitter’s 500 Million Lurkers: A Mixed Blessing?

Twitter’s tweets tend to feature in the news a lot these days, embedded in articles, published on papers, and featured on broadcasts. However, in the last month Twitter have been taking the headlines for themselves.

In late October, Twitter’s stock fell the day after the company reported that its active user-base growth had slowed to 23%, compared with 24% in the previous quarter.

Twitter’s total monthly user base now stands at 284 million, some way off the 1.27 billion who use Facebook.


Nov 11th |
Brandwatch Vizia Command Center

7 Key Applications for a Social Media Command Center

Businesses are becoming better listeners. Whereas communication was once a one-way path from brands to consumers, there is now a two-way conversation.

Yet while many businesses have grown adept at social listening, the truth is that the online monitoring space is still relatively nascent. The way brands collect, separate, analyze and visualize social data is constantly evolving to serve a wider range of business operations.


Nov 4th |

5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Command Center

Businesses across the globe are increasingly relying on social listening to help shape their business strategy – from marketing to PR, to customer service and beyond.

With the next generation of social media command centers evolving and making waves across every industry, decision makers are undoubtedly weighing up whether to take the plunge and join companies such as Monster and Moneygram and invest in their own setup.