Jul 22nd |

8 Things Content Marketers Can Learn From Poker Players

Insight doesn’t always come from obvious places, and AnchormanMad Menthe Godfather and a viral musician have all taught us something about content marketing.

But what could we learn from poker players? How could exploring the way professional gamblers think about data, strategy or opponents shed new light on our own work? Here are eight suggestions. (more…)

Jul 18th |

Interesting Insights: The World Cup 2014 Retrospective

This year we teamed up with Brazilian think tank FGV to keep a close eye on Twitter conversations around World Cup 2014.

We provided real-time analytics and insights in our data visualization, gathering and showcasing Twitter data around the most mentioned topics, games, players, brands, and even tracking “social performance rankings” that pitted each country’s earned social media mentions volume against their total player value, GDP, population, and more.


Jul 14th |
google my business

What Google My Business Means for Your Brand: 6 Key Changes

Google+ Local, Google Pages, Google Local Business Center — the Google graveyard is littered with small business products.

Even up until a few weeks ago, navigating the many “essential” Google SMB products was time consuming at best, confusing at worst, given that there were so many different platforms to master, navigate and maintain. (more…)

Jul 1st |
doh2 (1)

Make Your Social Media Marketing Work: Avoid These Slip-Ups

What can you do online? A lot. The Internet has many things to offer. From searching information to getting cool online or intangible services such as reading from a psychic, to selling actual products – all of these can be done on the web.

One of the things that most users do online is log in to social media sites. Millions of people from around the globe actively access their social media accounts each day.


Jun 30th |
Website (1)

6 Top Tips to Help You Brand Your New Website

Branding your newly-established website requires extensive effort and time to initiate activities that will help build the solid foundation of your site.

With so many tasks needed to complete the overall branding, there are chances that you will overlook one or two important activities.


Jun 26th |
light blue

How Your Brand Can Stand Out From The Crowd

Have you ever wondered why fragrance brands all advertise in the same way? You haven’t? Oh. I have. Just me then.

I’ve always found it bizarrely amusing to watch the abstract montages that fragrance brands put together in order to purvey their goods. (more…)