Jan 29th |

Why You Should Use Slideshare in Your Social Campaigns

Slideshare is a site that allows you to share slides from your presentations with others.

The site has recently made some changes and improvements that allow your Slideshare presentations to be more effective in helping to spread the word about your conference material, or other presentations, and show the knowledge base your company possesses. (more…)

Jan 14th |

Refine Your Marketing Message with Social Listening

When it comes to getting your message across in fewer than 140 characters it can be extremely difficult.

Every word carries clout that can’t be ignored or underplayed. So, how do you make each of those characters count?

Being precise in your messaging will assist you in reaching the right audience for your specific brand. Your target audience can change dramatically depending on your brand’s personality, products or industry.


Jan 9th |
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Simple Twitter Tips For Fabulous Success in 2015

Have you ever wondered how some businesses achieve tremendous success on Twitter? Their successes will no doubt have inspired you to use Twitter for your own business promotions. Sometimes, the key to success is actually very simple – a great bio, an attractive image, creating lists. (more…)