Oct 20th |
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5 Excellent Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

Just about every business can benefit from having a blog. A blog is an excellent way for your company to have a voice.

It is a way to “speak” to your customers or clients, post timely information, show some personality, educate your audience and establish yourself as an authority, as well as highlight what you do. (more…)

Oct 14th |

Free Industry Report: Consumer Tech Brands, LISTEN UP!

Last night, as I crawled under the covers, I did that thing that we’re always told not to do if you want a decent night’s sleep. I looked at my smartphone, played a video on YouTube and tucked the screen under my pillow.

There’s not much of the waking day that I’m separated from my phone – even at bedtime. It’s my alarm (if my cat doesn’t get there first), my entertainment on the bus to work, my music player, my way of easily reprimanding my boyfriend for flinging his football socks around the bedroom before work.


Oct 10th |

How Product Badging Helps Increase Conversions and Branding

Ever heard of product badges? They are like “virtual stickers” that are added to online products to call attention to special information about a product.

When used on e-commerce websites, product badging has been proved to increase conversion rates by 55%. If you haven’t thought about product badging for your website, there are many benefits to trying it out, the best of which is, of course, the increase in conversions. (more…)

Oct 6th |

The Anatomy of Content Strategy: Attracting Blog Readers

Corporate blogging. It’s the thing to do. Far too many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon with little more than a list of good ideas.

A whirlwind of content without aim doesn’t get you anywhere. Content that is designed to accomplish your goals and solidify your brand increases your visibility better than any other tactic. (more…)

Oct 2nd |

Beers and Blogs: Linking Social Media and Beverage Brands

Ahhh, nothing quite like tweeting about the beer you’ve just cracked open, am I right?

Okay, so maybe not everyone associates enjoying an ice cold beer with social media, but you’d be surprised at the level of correlation between the two.

In fact, the beverage sector is quite intricately linked to social media. Insights from platforms like twitter can be used in a variety of ways to help beverage brands establish a strong social listening framework. (more…)

Oct 1st |

The Genius of Social Media for Small Businesses

There’s a certain appeal in thinking back to a simpler time, when everyone in a town knew everyone else and you were probably friends with the grocer and the hardware store owner.

Whether you can remember the age of “mum-and-dad” stores personally, or have just heard about them from your grandparents, you’ll probably agree that it would be nice to feel like you’re dealing with a business you know and trust rather than some faceless corporation. (more…)