Oct 23rd |

Six Seconds of Silliness: The 11 Funniest Vines

Vine has been one of the social media success stories for 2013, with brands and consumers alike embracing the network’s quirky format in abundance.

Perhaps the most flattering of compliments is that the Facebook-owned Instagram even implemented a micro-video feature not long after the initial success of Vine. (more…)

Mar 21st |

SXSW 2013: The British Invasion [Video]

So, there is this little tech meetup that happens every March in Austin, Texas. It’s known as “South by Southwest”, or SXSW. The really cool dudes call it “South by”. Have you heard of it?

Well, over the past few years, different Brandwatchers have hopped over the pond to check it out and (more…)

Aug 10th |

The Brandwatch Bloopers Reel

It’s been a few months since we started experimenting with video, and since then we’ve brought you a veritable selection of informative and interesting moving pictures about social media. Today’s post is quite the opposite. Sorry. (more…)

Jul 20th |

Sex & Social Media: The Stats

We’ve trawled the internet to bring you the latest statistics on sex and social media. Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?), we’re talking about the differences in the use of social media between the genders, not about sexy sex. (more…)