Introducing: Channels

Our biggest update to Brandwatch yet, Channels allows you to track your owned media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) with all the power of Brandwatch. Quite a game-changer.

What does a CM actually do?

More from SXSW 2013: Community Manager is an increasingly common job title with the ever-growing prominence of social media, but what does it actually mean?

SXSW 2013: The British Invasion

With a total of 9 of the US/UK Brandwatch clan in tow, we teamed up with fellow Brits Econsultancy and Engage Sciences to invade SXSW 2013…

Client Interview: Beyond

Beyond have been using Brandwatch for their social media monitoring needs for over 2 years and to help numerous clients, including TomTom and Harris Broadcast.

#Brandwatchers: February 2013

We thought it would be a nice opportunity to get our clients together so that they could meet and discuss how they use Brandwatch, plus let some of the Brandwatch team on the loose.

How Do You Make Data Sexy?

The recent #Sizzle6 event got us thinking … how do you make data sexy? We asked a smattering of the exhibit attendees and this is what they told us.

Introduction to Social Media Monitoring

The introduction to Brandwatch; an overview of how we help you find the conversation that matters.

Client Interview: Arena Media

Seth Ball, Insights Director from Arena discusses how Brandwatch is helping them tackle social media for their clients.

Client Interview: RSPCA

RSPCA employees Joe Wilson and Gemma Smith talk about how social media is affecting them and how they use Brandwatch to help.

Joel Presents: Bloopers

A light-hearted interlude from the work we do recording Joel’s videos. Thinks he’s hilarious that lad.

Joel Presents: Sex & Social Media

We’re talking about the differences in the use of social media between the genders, not about sexy sex.

Traveling WOMMY Comes to the Seaside

A cheeky video showing the travelling WOMMY as it makes its way around Brighton.