Jun 30 2008 |

How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Housing Market?

I hear this question quite often: how is the housing market doing? Let’s try to answer that. (more…)

Jun 26 2008 |

Human Spam

When compared to certain parts of the internet, spam is a beautiful, poetic and inventive thing. It really really is. (more…)

Jun 20 2008 |

Scoring Sentiment

Using machines to understand text is a big part of what we do here at Brandwatch. And sentiment analysis is part of it. As wikipedia nicely puts it; (more…)

Jun 19 2008 |

How Good Is Good Enough?

Seth Godin wrote a moving post yesterday about worthiness. He writes almost as a stream of consciousness and makes some great points. (more…)

Jun 18 2008 |

Google's Bogus Results Count

As I mentioned in the last post, the accuracy of the entire result set is critical to us at Brandwatch, but so too is making sure that we have as big a sample as possible. (more…)

Jun 17 2008 |

Recall vs Precision

This is a classic tug-of-war issue with search. There is a good definition on Wikipedia and I really like Tim Bray’s description on the Ongoing site. (more…)

Jun 16 2008 |

Arms And The Spam

Sifting through the list of web pages in Brandwatch that have been reported as spam, you get a feel for the ever-changing ways that spam merchants manage to infect the web with junk. (more…)

Jun 12 2008 |

Alias v Tracking Systems

So I decided to compare data between the iphone and Nokia 95, two phones which I suspected shared common air in the blogosphere. The N95,…ah! (more…)

Jun 11 2008 |

Clear View On Transparency

Remember the promises of flawless matching of supply and demand and limitless consumer power when the web burst onto the scene a dozen years ago? (more…)

Jun 10 2008 |

The Brand Is What I Want To Buy…

If you could put ‘Brandness’ itself under the microscope, this is what you would see: a crossroads with a pussy playing a banjo, hovering just off the ground. (more…)