Sep 22 2008 |

Somebody Fixed My Brake

I have a trek bike – a 4200 or something like that. It has a drum brake on the back wheel which has been getting more spongy and less effective. Almost to the point of being useless and given the state of my front brake pads, it’s something I had put on my list of things to fix. (more…)

Sep 18 2008 |

Google Chrome

I have mixed feelings about Google. They have made billions of people’s lives easier with their search engine and they truly are an innovative company which is just so impressive for such a big organisation. (more…)

Sep 8 2008 |

It's All Subjective Really

One piece of work we did for the latest release of Brandwatch was to add a ‘normalise’ option to our graphs. It was at times difficult to know, by looking at a graph, which variations in a brand’s number of mentions (or in its sentiment) where really meaningful. (more…)

Sep 8 2008 |

Product Update: 8 September 2008

We are releasing version 3.7 of Brandwatch this week. In fact we release new functionality and enhancements every other week, as part of minor releases. But this week’s update wraps up nicely the last four month’s work – and it is a nice time to look back and see the changes Brandwatch has been through. (more…)