Mar 29 2010 |

Product Update: 29 March 2010

We have turned the Mentions component into a much more powerful tool to monitor and analyse the mentions of your Queries. Users can now star mentions, tag them, and categorise them by Priority and Status. (more…)

Mar 22 2010 |

Product Update: 22 March 2010

The Recurring Phrases components now lets Users graph the volume and sentiment of a Phrase over time, which is very useful to analyse trends, find important events, etc. (more…)

Mar 16 2010 |

The Anatomy Of Social Media Around A Conference

Last week I went to the i-com conference in Estoril. It was an interesting event and a big thanks goes out to Andreas Cohen for organising it. (more…)

Mar 15 2010 |

Product Update: 15 March 2010

Thanks to this week’s product update, when you edit a Query, Brandwatch will automatically re-analyse its mentions for Recurring Phrases, offering quicker and better insights.

Mar 10 2010 |

The Sentiment Of The Web

We’re twice as likely to say something positive as negative on the public internet. I find that rather life-affirming! (more…)

Mar 10 2010 |

Liveliest Brands On Twitter

We’ve put together what we think is a pretty interesting chart. It shows those brands with the liveliest presence on Twitter during the month of February. (more…)

Mar 8 2010 |

Product Update: 8 March 2010

Thanks to several improvements users can find interesting insights much more quickly. (more…)

Mar 1 2010 |

Product Update: 1 March 2010

The Recurring Phrase component has been improved significantly. Users can now create, edit and delete Phrases. They can also create new Phrases directly from the Search within mention feature of the Mentions component. (more…)