Apr 28 2010 |
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Analysing Vodafone Retweets

As part of my first week here I’ve been doing some pretty intensive training, covering all aspects of Brandwatch.  Including getting into the nitty gritty and complexities of creating query strings which I found really interesting (yes, I am a bit of a geek).  But with so many operators so much is possible; the challenge is just working out what you want to track. (more…)

Apr 22 2010 |

How Are Workspace And Query Related?

(Answer: it is a bit like the relationship between a classroom and some students.) (more…)

Apr 22 2010 |

Brandwatch Really Is The Most Real-time!

It’s scary when an independent organisation does a road test with your product and the 6 other best ones on the market. But that’s exactly what Fresh Networks are doing. (more…)

Apr 21 2010 |

Welcome to Seth and Bryan

We’re adding to our team here at Brandwatch and the latest two additions are worth shouting about. Bryan Tookey joins as our new COO from ask.com where he was European Operations Director. His appointment made it on to Techcrunch, so it’s clearly a big deal in the industry. (more…)

Apr 19 2010 |

Product Update: 19 April 2010

This week we improved how users can test their new queries.

After clicking on ‘Test Search’ in the Query creation form, the result listing now highlights matching words in the summaries. If you then click on one particular result, you will be able to search for any word in the page.

This should all make it easier to fine-tune queries early on.

Apr 12 2010 |

Product Update: 12 April 2010

With this week’s product update, we have made it possible for Users to delete tags, and we extended the Site Analysis component to show the sentiment breakdown. (more…)