Nov 29 2010 |

Product Update: 29 November 2010

It has been a while since our last Product Update, so here is a quick recap of the main improvements we made to Brandwatch over the last month. (more…)

Nov 29 2010 |

Twitter starts to predict contestant exits from The X-Factor (TechCrunch)

We make no apology for passing on the news that social media monitoring company Brandwatch is claiming that it can predict who is about to exit The X-Factor.

Nov 26 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 3: What are people saying about my brand?

This is the third part of the Brandwatch tutorial. In the previous sessions you learnt how to get a first idea of a query’s online buzz, and how to compare that query to some competitors. In this third session we can dig a bit more into the details of the buzz surrounding your query. Click here for the video that accompanies this post.


Nov 22 2010 |

Durrants invests in Brandwatch

Durrants, the UK’s leading media intelligence business, has taken a stake in Brighton-based social media monitoring company Brandwatch after being “blown away” by the company during a trial to find a social media monitoring partner. (more…)

Nov 19 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 2: Competition benchmarking

Welcome to the second part of the Brandwatch tutorials. In this instalment we will look at how to perform basic competitor analysis.


Nov 12 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 1: Social Media Monitoring 101

Let me introduce you to a series of posts on how to use Brandwatch for Social Media Monitoring and Reporting.

This series should explain how to get the most out of Brandwatch, in very practical terms. Each post will describe one particular use-case, starting from the simplest all the way to more advanced uses. (more…)