Dec 23 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 6: Who are the most influential commentators of my brand?

In this sixth instalment of the Brandwatch tutorials, we are going to look at the concept of Influence. (more…)

Dec 23 2010 |

Vince Cable is slammed in social media (MediaWeek)

Current social media buzz surrounding Lib Dem business secretary Vince Cable is largely negative, according to analysis from social media monitoring agency Brandwatch.

Dec 10 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 5: What are the industry trends?

Welcome to the fifth instalment of the Brandwatch tutorials. Today we are going to look not just at a single query, but at the main subjects of discussion around a whole industry or topic. If you want to monitor and manage a brand, it is crucial to understand the bigger picture, the context surrounding that brand, by analysing the global trends of the brand’s industry. Click here for the video that accompanies this post. (more…)

Dec 3 2010 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Session 4: Where do people talk about my brand?

In this instalment of the Brandwatch tutorials, we are going to look a bit more into where buzz is coming from. More precisely, let’s see which websites are sources of buzz for your query. This matters as it will help you understand your query’s “community”, and can tell you which sites to focus on for marketing and engagement (more about these in later sessions).