Jan 28 2011 |

Brandwatch Tutorial – Projects

In the latest Brandwatch upgrade, we introduced the concept of Projects. This tutorial covers what it means for our users, and how to make the best out of it. (more…)

Jan 11 2011 |

MySpace meltdown

With today’s news of MySpace proposing to axe half their staff, we decided to take a look at where people have been recommending and talking about music in an attempt to guage which sites the interest has shifted to.

The graph below features a few of NME’s top bands of 2010 and the social media sites where they are talked about. The clear leaders in chat on bands are Facebook and YouTube. (more…)

Jan 11 2011 |

Product Update: 11 January 2011

In this first Product Update of 2011, let me recap the changes we have made to Brandwatch over the last month. (more…)