Apr 27 2011 |

Is social media making us anti-social?

A bit of a different kind of post today. We usually focus on technical topics or talk through some particularly interesting data from the Brandwatch application, but this one’s more of a discussion about social media in general and the impact it may be having on society:

“Is social media making us anti-social?”

This question was posted on Quora a month or so ago. It’s a version of a discussion I expect many of us have had at some point, and I imagine strong opinions usually surface on both sides.

Apr 26 2011 |

Product Update: 26 April 2011

Facebook and Twitter

We have quite an exciting update for you this week. We’re going to talk you through the Facebook/Twitter publishing feature that we’ve added to the Brandwatch platform. We hinted at the update last week and this week it’s in place in the application – you can now publish content on Facebook and Twitter from within Brandwatch without having to open any new browser windows or tabs.

When you click on any instance of a mention or result in Brandwatch, a box pops up displaying the full webpage of that mention (as you would see it in your browser) with a panel of toolbars, buttons and statistics along the top. At the bottom right of the this panel, you’ll now see: ‘Publish’ and, if it’s a Twitter mention, ‘Reply’.

Apr 20 2011 |

How does sentiment analysis work?

Sentiment analysis continues to be one of the most debated areas in social media monitoring, so we thought we’d give a brief overview of the topic and how we approach it at Brandwatch. Here’s our resident expert, Dr Taras Zagibalov, who conducts all our language research and works alongside the tech team to continuously improve our automatic sentiment classification. Over to Taras:

There are two major techniques used in automatic sentiment analysis. The most frequently used one in commercial applications is based on linguistic resources, the other is based on machine learning.

Apr 19 2011 |

Product Update: 19 April 2011

We make updates to the Brandwatch platform every week, but some weeks they are mainly refinements to the current system rather than additional new features.

As this is the case this week, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk about some of the particularly interesting features we are excitedly working away on at the moment. (more…)

Apr 13 2011 |

Trend Species: jokers, mysteries and more

All kinds of topics trend and sweep across Twitter. Some are sustained and some are shortlived; some are serious and some are silly. Often it’s not apparent why exactly they are trending, but here we take a look at the various species you might see, what’s likely to have caused them and how their characteristics differ. We’re going to maintain a musical theme in doing so, due to the particularly high number of artists trending last week.

Apr 11 2011 |

Product Update: 11 April 2011

We have a few updated features to talk you through in today’s post, the first of our forthcoming weekly Product Updates.

Query Progress

Once you’ve finished refining your query and clicked ‘Save Query…’, you will now see a screen that displays your query’s progress in the Brandwatch system. Previously, we would send you an email only when your query was completed, but this feature means you’ll have a better idea of where your query is in the process. So now you can either leave the box up and keep checking back or close the box and simply return to your query upon receiving the email update.

Apr 6 2011 |

iPhone 5: The Sony iPhone

Following the news of their CEO’s accidental disclosure, Sony have inadvertently stolen the iPhone 5 conversation from Apple.

The first murmurs about the revelation seem to have appeared on 9 to 5 Mac on April 1st, when Seth Weintraub posted a blog update live from Talking Tech with Sony and The Wall Street Journal, where CEO Sir Howard Stringer let the information slip. The WSJ then reported fairly undramatically on the event a few hours later, but it wasn’t long before tech sites picked up on the significance of the incident, including Mashable with the headline ‘Sony CEO Accidentally Reveals Secret Details About iPhone 5’.

Apr 5 2011 |

Living Social's $3bn valuation

Since the end of 2010, when Amazon invested $175m in Living Social – the group buying website has been closely watch by investors.

We have a look at livingsocial’s journey through social media from it’s Amazon investment to today’s news on its $3bn valuation. What does the investment and new valuation mean for consumers and is it only as good as the offers it pedals?

Fig 1. Volume of mentions for livingsocial.com


Apr 4 2011 |

Product Updates 2011: To Date And Beyond

Our team are constantly refining and developing the Brandwatch application to ensure the service our clients are using is the best available.

A lot has happened over the past few months, so we thought we should update you on some of the major changes so far in 2011. And going forwards, as Brandwatch continues to rapidly evolve, we’ll update you every week on the tweaks and developments we make to the service.

Major Updates Summary for 2011 so far:


Apr 3 2011 |

Social media monitoring – it’s acquisition land

I wrote most of this last year – in fact I wrote it in July last year. For some reason that I can’t remember, I decided not to publish, but given the acquisition of Radian6 last week it still seems relevant, so here goes…