Jun 30 2011 |

Wimblewatch 2011: A Brandwatch DataViz

We thought we’d use Brandwatch to keep an eye on a few key topics on Twitter during the course of Wimbledon, to see what and who is being most talked about and when. (more…)

Jun 29 2011 |

Who was buzzing at Glasto? (BBC 6 Music)

According to Brandwatch, which tracked the online buzz surrounding the event for the week leading up to it and during the weekend itself, she beat the likes of Coldplay and U2.oldplay and U2. (more…)

Jun 29 2011 |

Google+: Why It Is Great And Why It Will Fail (Probably)

I have a confession: I work in social media and I hate using Facebook. Apart from not wanting to be seen as a show-off (even if, at heart, I am one), the main reason is that I can’t figure out how to navigate (more…)

Jun 28 2011 |

Glastonbury by social media numbers (The Wall)

Brandwatch has put out some a round-up of the Glastonbury social buzz where mentions of Beyonce outstripped any other artist by miles followed by (more…)

Jun 27 2011 |

Product Update: 27th June 2011

New default dashboard and Wordle integration!

Two key updates this week:

When you create a query in Brandwatch, there is the option to open a ready-made default dashboard. This shows you several different widgets (or components) (more…)

Jun 24 2011 |

Ocado Strikes Blow To Groupon Rival Crowdity

Group buying website Crowdity has just suffered a huge blow to its already mammoth quest to take on market leader Groupon, at the hands of Waitrose delivery service Ocado. (more…)

Jun 24 2011 |

IBM: From Social Media to Social CRM

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve published two articles about the role of Social Media Monitoring in Research and in Social CRM.

Jun 23 2011 |
Research: Focus Groups Vs Social Media

Where Social Media beats Focus Groups

The way people talk on social media can be very different to how they talk in person. This means that the learnings from traditional focus groups often contrast greatly with what’s found from social media monitoring. (more…)

Jun 20 2011 |

Isner v Mahut II: Who are you rooting for?

Today we have a post from James Christie, Content Writer at No Pork Pies. In light of Friday’s Wimbledon draw, James takes a look at social media conversations around the one that shocked everybody: (more…)

Jun 20 2011 |

Product Update: 20th June 2011

As we try to do as much as possible, we have listened to client feedback and introduced new functionality to Brandwatch’s Alerts feature: Alerts can now be sent to multiple recipients, including those without Brandwatch logins!