Jul 27 2011 |
Ocado, Crowdity and Tesco

Ocado's Social Media Fail Turns into a Tesco Win

Just over a month ago, there was a minor outcry from a small but very vocal group of disgruntled would-be customers of Ocado. (more…)

Jul 25 2011 |
Top 5 Social Media Top 5s

Top 5 Social Media…Top 5s

Social Media loves a top 5, or a top 10, or a top 7, or any number of ‘top’ things really.

Tools, tips, mistakes, ideas, ways, applications, solutions; all manner of things make their way into top lists. If someone has enough expertise or has acquired the knowledge to make an accurate and comprehensive list (more…)

Jul 22 2011 |

Finding Gold in Social Data

At the end of June Brandwatch’s VP North America Seb Hempstead gave a talk at the Corporate Social Media Summit in San Francisco called Finding Gold in Social Data. Seb received lots of great feedback at the event and on Twitter during the talk, so we thought we’d share (more…)

Jul 20 2011 |

Great! 5,000 mentions a month! …now what?

These days, finding out how many mentions your brand is getting online is really quite simple.

Register for a trial of a social media monitoring tool, set up your query and there you have it: your brand has been mentioned X times in the past month.

Trouble is, that doesn’t tell you much about anything and, presumably, you’re going to want to know more… (more…)

Jul 18 2011 |

Brandwatch and Google+

Yesterday, TechCrunch put out a post which questions why Google hasn’t yet facilitated search within public posts on Google+. They are also yet to display Google+ results in their main search.

So it seemed like a good opportunity to say that Brandwatch already indexes Google+ and displays the results in your queries. Furthermore, we’re one of the very few (only?) Social Media Monitoring services that can actually track what people are saying about Google+. (more…)

Jul 16 2011 |

Battle of the Buzz at Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury, the UK’s most well established music festival, never disappoints with its line-up. Despite it’s roots as a local folk and arts festival, it now pulls international performers of the highest order. (more…)

Jul 7 2011 |

The Fox News Twitter Hack

Today we have a guest post from Kristian Bannister, Search Marketing Executive at Social Media Agency No Pork Pies. Kristian takes a look at the FoxNewsPolitics Twitter hack that happened earlier in the week, to see what affect the incident had on social media: (more…)

Jul 4 2011 |

Product Update: 4th July 2011

We’ve released a few updates into Brandwatch this week:

Official Support of Chinese
New Keyboard Shortcut
Search Within Tags
‘Contact Us’ Link

Jul 2 2011 |
The Next Web

Interactive dataviz measures Twitter buzz around this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament (The Next Web)

With the Wimbledon finals fast approaching, this Web app, built using the Processing programming language, measures the Twitter buzz around players and topics related to this year’s tennis championship. (more…)