Aug 30 2011 |

Product Update: Export Charts as Images

This week we have released another new feature into Brandwatch: Export Charts as Images.

Until this release it was only possible to export the data from charts, in either Excel or comma separated format; images of the charts themselves were not available for export. (more…)

Aug 24 2011 |

Influence Isn't Just Online: The Perils of Ignoring The Less Followed

Did you ever hear someone make the claim (very wittily), that “the more friends you have on MySpace the fewer friends you have in real life”?

Whilst this may have been grossly and unfairly oversimplifying things, it carried a sentiment that sort of seemed to make sense at the time: if you spend all (more…)

Aug 22 2011 |

Product Update: New Top Tweeters Component

We’re very excited about this week’s update to Brandwatch – as well as a very snappy redesign of the Mentions component, we have also launched a whole new shiny component.

Top Tweeters

Aug 19 2011 |

UK and US Police Begin Monitoring Social Media

Last week, the NY Daily News reported that the NYPD have started to “mine” social media for information about “troublesome house parties, gang showdowns and other potential mayhem”.

The Sunday Times newspaper also revealed later that week in the UK that Hampshire Police had been using Social Mention, a popular free social media monitoring tool, to hunt down people who appeared to be using (more…)

Aug 9 2011 |

The London riots: #riotcleanup – the social media hero

Social media and particularly BlackBerry Messenger has, to some extent, been blamed for fuelling the London riots since Saturday. This morning, however, social media is being hailed a hero. (more…)

Aug 8 2011 |

Why doesn’t Twitter advertise on TV?

A friend asked me this a few weeks ago. He said that he was aware that it sounded like a silly question and expected me to have an instant answer. I didn’t.

Some people might be simply thinking: “it doesn’t need to”. (more…)

Aug 4 2011 |

Sentiment Analysis: Machines Are Like Us

Mashable recently wrote a piece about “vertical-specific” social media monitoring, and whether it could be the market’s next big thing.

A company called Cruvee who specialise in monitoring the wine industry were featured, and there have been a few other blog posts about them lately too.