Sep 29 2011 |

10 of the Weirdest Social Networks

At the last count, 33% of the world’s population were online. The chances are then, that out of all of those billions of people people spread across the continents of the world and over the rolling oceans, there are going to be a few interesting individuals. (more…)

Sep 28 2011 |

Miliband Watch: Social Media and The Labour Conference

Today we have a post from Kristian Bannister of No Pork Pies, who uses Brandwatch to analyse social media reaction to Ed Miliband’s first conference speech as the leader of the Labour Party.

Over to Kristian:

I used Social Media Monitoring tool Brandwatch to (more…)

Sep 27 2011 |

Product Update: Enhanced User Interface and Live Mentions

This week you’ll notice several elements of Brandwatch that have been redesigned. Certain processes have been streamlined and the look and feel of the interface has been enhanced throughout.

The aim of the changes is to make Brandwatch as clear, simple and enjoyable to use as possible. (more…)

Sep 14 2011 |
Unwanted Selling

Are social media listening services useful?

Someone recently posted this question on Quora:

“Are social media listening services useful? (more…)

Sep 12 2011 |

Product Update: Bulk Actions

This week’s update takes another step towards automating the various tasks carried out in Brandwatch.

The data management features we offer in Brandwatch are already known for being amongst the best in the market. The flexibility offered by (more…)

Sep 2 2011 |

Friday#: The Brits still love group buying…

Welcome to the Friday#
This week in The Sizzle: Arrington steps down as TechCrunch Ed. In The Fri-Up, The Brits still love group buying The Sauce: The making of THAT Lucozade energy advert.

Sep 1 2011 |

Big Brother: Listening to Social Media

We monitored chat about the remaining housemates in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother to explore who was being talked about most. (more…)