Oct 31th |

Product Update: Mentions Profiling and Enhanced Charting

It’s another week with two big changes being made to Brandwatch. We have expanded the possibilities available in the Chart component and also added a whole new feature – Mentions Profiling.

Oct 24th |

What does it really mean to Like something on Facebook?

Back in May this year, Facebook claimed there were 50 million “Likes” made every day. But does the word “like” really describe what people mean when they click (more…)

Oct 18th |

How Social Media is Changing Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is a valuable activity for marketers, but it can be all too easy to clumsily group people together by over-generalising and stereotyping. Can social media improve this?

In her TED talk back in December 2010, Johanna Blakeley talked about how social media research (more…)

Oct 16th |

Comparing the Key Figures in the Phone Hacking Scandal

The phone hacking scandal has shaken Britain and the British media to the core.


Oct 12th |

#SMM11: Finding Gold in Social Data (Part 2)

Sebastian Hempstead, Brandwatch’s new VP North America, will be speaking at Social Media Marketing and Monitoring 2011 in New York later today.

We officially announced our US office yesterday, and this event is one of a series that members of the US team will be attending over the coming months. (more…)

Oct 11th |

Brandwatch Enters the US Market

We launched in the UK in August 2007, but even at that early stage, always had intentions of branching out to the US.

So, with the rapid growth we’ve achieved over the past (more…)

Oct 10th |

10 Data Visualisations of Major News Events

Big things are happening every day – the last few years have seen major global events that impact across nations. Wars, changes of government, cultural upheaval and the evolving nature of humanity all vie for our attention and consideration. (more…)

Oct 1th |

Join Us Around the Campfire in Our Interactive Tweetcamp

Tweetcamp is a free-to-attend, participatory “unconference” for both new and experienced users of Twitter, taking take place in East London on October 8th 2011. (more…)