Nov 28 2011 |

Product Update: Rules

This week we’ve released one of the most exciting and powerful new Brandwatch features yet: “Rules”. Rules allow you to tell Brandwatch how to automatically categorise, tag or classify sentiment for future mentions by setting your filters a certain way. (more…)

Nov 28 2011 |
Lionhead Studios

Dealing With Twitter Parody Accounts

A common phenomenon that has arisen from the advent of Twitter is the countless number of parody accounts mocking famous figures.

Often funny, sometimes cruel, these personas have often proved so popular that they have transcended the original celebrity in numbers of followers.


Nov 21 2011 |

Children in Need: Which is the UK's social media #CiN city?

This weekend represented yet another record breaking year for Children in Need, raising over £26m so far with the total still rising. Brandwatch has pitched the UK’s cities against each other to see who should be crowned the nation’s CiN city in social media terms.


Nov 14 2011 |

How Freestyle Interactive use Brandwatch for Social Landscaping

Today we have a guest post from Sean Walsh – a Community Manager at Brandwatch’s client Freestyle Interactive, a Top 30 full-service digital agency with offices in the UK and France. Freestyle offer strategic consultancy, creative design, technical build and customer engagement across a range of digital channels. (more…)

Nov 9 2011 |

8 Celebrity Twitter Malfunctions

Don’t try this at home: 8 examples of how not to use Twitter, provided by people in the public eye.

Behind every prominent public figure there is normally a Public Relations team managing and massaging public opinion about their client. These PR teams have access to a big box of clever tricks to achieve this. (more…)