Dec 22 2011 |

Six of the Weirdest Web Browsers You'll Probably Never Use

Here at Brandwatch, we have designed our product to be compatible with all of the major browsers. You can use it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even everyone’s favourite browser: Internet Explorer.

However, not everyone uses the big players, and there are a few obscure browsers out there that we certainly don’t recommend to use with our lovely app. (more…)

Dec 21 2011 |

The Highlights of 2011 Through The Eyes of Google's Doodles

As we approach the end of the year, it is usually a time to contemplate on the year passed. Instead of a traditional round up of news, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at national events through the famous Google Doodles. (more…)

Dec 20 2011 |

Bloggers and Social Media Monitoring

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Murray Newlands, the founder of Influence People and author of a recent book on Social Media Monitoring


Dec 15 2011 |

Some Unbelievable Social Media Stats

We love web data here at Brandwatch, especially social media metrics, and are always interested in displaying it in different ways.

Happily for us, the man behind popular web blog Personalize Media put together a wonderful stats counter about social media way back in 2009. (more…)

Dec 14 2011 |

The Faces Behind the Magic

The last quarter of 2011 has been a busy one for Brandwatch. As keenly observed at our Christmas party last week, there are now over double the amount of employees here than there were at this point in 2010. (more…)

Dec 13 2011 |

Which Government Agencies are Watching You?

‘Big Brother is watching you.’ With these words, George Orwell created one of the most oft-quoted phrases in the world today. Within the context of the novel 1984, complete surveillance of the nation’s citizens is the way of mass control and oppression. (more…)

Dec 12 2011 |

Product Update: Now With Added Norwegian

After the amazing new Rules feature made available in our last product update, the list of additions to the Brandwatch app can seem a little slim this time round. This is more a testament to our commitment to a fortnightly update cycle and the benefits that it affords than it is to any stinginess in our offerings. (more…)

Dec 6 2011 |

Hedge Funds Capitalising on Social Chatter

Your average hedge fund intends to pay a good return on your investment with fewer risks to your stake than a simple purchase of stocks or shares. By diversifying the portfolio of subscribed companies any one failure should have little impact on your overall return. (more…)

Dec 6 2011 |

Time, Care and Data Centres: For When the Apocalypse Arrives

A few short notes on how we do things at Brandwatch with regard to our data centres.

Social media monitoring companies are dependent upon the use of data centres to store all of their data and allow their application to function properly. These expensive but powerful off-site centres provide the grunt for everything we do at Brandwatch. (more…)

Dec 1 2011 |

Likes, Fans and Followers: How Much Are They Really Worth?

Quantifying the value of a Facebook ‘like’ or Twitter follower is something of a holy grail in online marketing. If a company could determine exactly how much each such interaction generated in revenue they could efficiently mould marketing strategies around that figure. (more…)