Feb 29 2012 |

Which Brands Are ‘Winning’ Pinterest?

Social media is the new norm. Social networks and related sites are all over the place.

A fairly recent addition to the social media genre is Pinterest, a site we’ve got a couple of boards on and wrote a guide for brands about last week. (more…)

Feb 29 2012 |

Conversation: Making Tax Services Fun Using Social Media

This article is about a series of conversations sponsored by Brandwatch, covering all facets of social media. To see a full list of the conversations that have taken place, click here for our archive. (more…)

Feb 28 2012 |

Beautifully Tragic Death Unites Twitter

Twitter was ablaze with heartfelt discussion last week, as Friday saw the tragic death of Gregg Jevin, who was cruelly taken away from us.

Jevin will forever be remembered for… well, nothing, because he never actually existed. (more…)

Feb 27 2012 |

3 Striking Ways That Credit Cards Are Using Social Media

The CEO of the web’s leading forum for credit cards, Michael Dolen is nice enough to share his thoughts on how credit card companies are using social media marketing to get new customers (and keep their existing customers happy). (more…)

Feb 24 2012 |

How Social Media is Revolutionising the Restaurant Industry

It’s a common question: “Where shall we go for dinner tonight?”, and one that was once just asking a significant other or perhaps a friend.

What a friend has to say about a business – whether that be a holiday company, an insurance package or a restaurant – can steer us to or from an establishment, depending on what’s said. (more…)

Feb 23 2012 |

Controversy: Is It Worth Your Reputation?

Today’s article is a guest post by Sadie Sheeran, who is an expert in SEO, social media and all things digital.

Scandals and gossip have been the entertainment of the masses since Adam and Eve, but what was once a fleeting comment can now be recorded in internet history and come back to haunt you. (more…)

Feb 22 2012 |

5 Ways to Inject Some Fun Into Your Internet Marketing

Not every product or brand is exciting but it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace some seriously fun marketing techniques. (more…)

Feb 21 2012 |

4 Great Reasons To Use Social Media For Your Business

Each month, the average American spends nearly six hours on Facebook, the largest social networking website to date. With over 800 million users, that is a huge market for your business. (more…)

Feb 20 2012 |

5 Hot Tips for Brands Using Pinterest

Pinterest seems to be the hottest new network recently, with social media types spouting their advice on how to use it all over the internet. We’ve taken a moment to look at how it can be used by brands on the platform. (more…)

Feb 17 2012 |

Be Careful What You Tweet

You have a new reason for thinking twice before tweeting or posting on a social network. The US government does not have a sense of humor when it comes to posts that appear to threaten the security of the country, even if those posts were made in jest or the posters meant something different. (more…)