Mar 30 2012 |

Event: Return on Influence

It’s just one little word, but the past few years have seen a booming industry evolve around the concept of influence.

Popular companies like PeerIndex and Klout have focused their energies on quantifying individuals’ perceived influence, breaking it down into sub-categories like authority and reach. (more…)

Mar 29 2012 |

Product Update: Random Tagging

This weekend will see another wave of improvements made to the Brandwatch app. As usual, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of how you can use them and why you might want to. (more…)

Mar 28 2012 |

How To Listen Intelligently & Act Upon It

Listening, monitoring, researching, tracking: there are so many buzz words in social media monitoring that generating useful and effective benefits via listening to the social web can often elude companies.

As Zach Hofer-Shall talked about last week, there is a worrying void between listening and intelligence evident in many companies, meaning monitoring and action can often be miles apart. (more…)

Mar 26 2012 |

Find What You’re Looking For: Crafting a Query in a Monitoring Tool

At Brandwatch we take searching very seriously. We aim to provide our users with the best possible means to find exactly what they are looking for, be it comments about their brand, mentions of competitors or simply tracking industry discussion. (more…)

Mar 23 2012 |

How Important is YOUR Reputation?

Tom Powell, who is an online reputation management expert, explains how reputation management doesn’t just apply to brands, but to individuals too. He works at Reputation 24/7. (more…)

Mar 22 2012 |

A Guide to Your B2B Social Media Marketing Plan

Felicia Baratz-Savage of Technected fills us in on where she thinks the best places for b2b marketing in social media are. (more…)

Mar 21 2012 |

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

It’s no secret that customer service has slowly been creeping out of the call centre and onto the internet, with social media networks providing an all new opportunity for consumers to sing praises and vent frustrations either to friends, directly to the companies in question or simply just to anyone who’ll listen. (more…)

Mar 20 2012 |

Incredible Lego Campaign Captures Your Imagination

It seems that every single day something comes along that makes you want to share it with others, now we have the omnipresent means to do so. (more…)

Mar 19 2012 |

OMG I HATE MY JOB! Employees Be Warned

Social media is a hotly debated topic in the world of business. Whilst some organisations incorporate social networking into their internet marketing campaigns, others argue that it can cast a negative image upon the company. (more…)

Mar 19 2012 |

Social Media Investigation: Is the Republican Bid Really a Two-Horse Race?

Rick Santorum recently stated that the race to become the Republican Party presidential candidate in the autumn is down to two men.

Here at Brandwatch, we used our social media monitoring tool to analyse data from both the press and Twitter in an effort to substantiate the claim. (more…)