Apr 27 2012 |

Brandwatch Named Alongside Paper.li & PeerIndex as Red Herring Winners

With our notorious British reserve coupled with a penchant for subtlety and etiquette, we don’t often blow our own trumpet too much, even though we’re bloody amazing.


Apr 27 2012 |

How to Measure Your Facebook Campaign ROI

Kalen Smith describes the tools and techniques he thinks are best for measuring the success of Facebook campaigns. (more…)

Apr 24 2012 |

15 Mind-blowing Social Media Factoids (pt.1)

There are countless social media facts spinning around the tubes, but trying to make sense of them can be a struggle. We’ve contextualised them into irrelevant nuggets of information to make them even less coherent to understand. (more…)

Apr 21 2012 |

Social Brands 100 shortlist announced

Social Brands 100 has announced the shortlist of brands for its 2012 ranking. These brands now go forward into a final judging phase to be ranked from one to one hundred for the final Social Brands 100, which will be published on May 29th. It’s a great achievement to be shortlisted, so congratulations to all.


Apr 19 2012 |

How Does the Medical Industry Use Social Media?

When businesses want to reach the masses, they no longer look to television, radio or print media like newspapers and magazines. Instead, they turn to social media networks to connect with consumers and other businesses, with surprisingly good results. (more…)

Apr 17 2012 |

Converse & Convert: Tips for Listening and Conversing

Social media monitoring can be an incredibly valuable asset to almost any company, but really finding out exactly how to use it most effectively can be frustrating. (more…)

Apr 12 2012 |

Beware of the Trolls: The Art of Troll Management

A constant thorn in the side of almost every website is the persistence of trolls and flamers, who are always on the lookout for opportunities to pester, wind up or otherwise aggravate others online. (more…)

Apr 11 2012 |

5 Amazing & Innovative Twitter Marketing Techniques

Twitter has been the social network amongst the tech-savvy for years now, and as the platform matures, so do the marketing campaigns undertaken on it.

Harnessing the popularity of Twitter has been a mixed bag for businesses, who have had to straddle the boundary between chummy friendliness and focused marketing messages. (more…)

Apr 3 2012 |

How to be an Influencer on Twitter

We spoke with internet expert Tudor Davies on his recent ideas about how to engage with other users on Twitter.

He’s put together this piece to explain what he means in his slideshow that he created on his site. (more…)