Brandwatch Named Alongside & PeerIndex as Red Herring Winners

With our notorious British reserve coupled with a penchant for subtlety and etiquette, we don’t often blow our own trumpet too much, even though we’re bloody amazing.

This time, Red Herring have blown our trumpet for us, in announcing Brandwatch as a winner in their annual awards ceremony this week.

Brandwatch follow the likes of Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Skype in winning the award.

Held in Amsterdam, the Red Herring Europe event celebrated the top private companies across the continent, and selected the businesses that they consider to be best positioned to grow at an explosive rate.

Leading in technological innovation, Brandwatch were one in a pool of other companies who were rigorously evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria to determine the top 100 in Europe.

Alongside other great companies like, Gameforge and PeerIndex, Brandwatch were assessed for technological innovation, financial performance, management quality, IP creation and execution of strategy.

We’re very proud to have won, and the trip to Amsterdam to collect the award was icing on the cake. You can read more about the event and the winners here


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