May 17 2012 |

What Truly Makes Something Worth Sharing?

It’s always fascinating to track which bits of content explode uncontrollably and which things unexpectedly flop. As sharing features have been introduced into websites and apps, it would seem that the inclusion of a simple, tweetable button would be a large driver of popularity. (more…)

May 16 2012 |

Customer Service: Which Retail Banks are Most Responsive on Twitter?

This is a guest post from Adrian Swinscoe, who we have been collaborating with on this piece of research given his interest in customer service and social media.  (more…)

May 15 2012 |

10 Amazing Social Media Factoids (pt. 2)

Not long ago we brought you 15 social media factoids that drew useless comparisons between internet statistics and other trivia, like the fact that there are triple the amount of apples eaten each day than the number of apps downloaded. (more…)

May 11 2012 |

3 Valuable Lessons from American Express’ Social Media Playbook

Michael Dolen writes his second article for us, explaining why he thinks American Express are doing social media so well. Mike is an expert in both credit cards and social media, and he runs a successful social platform all about credit cards.  (more…)

May 9 2012 |

Product Update: Threshold Alerts

Another day, another dollar. Sorry, another day, another update. Updates are as good as dollars, right? They are when they’re Brandwatch-flavoured.

Anyway, so this weekend we added a couple of new features to the Brandwatch app. The main upgrade we’ve been working on is threshold alerts, a smart system for alerting users to changes in data. (more…)

May 3 2012 |

Using Social Media Monitoring to Predict the Election (again)

Analysis by social media monitor Brandwatch shows that Boris Johnson’s recent dominance of online conversation has been driven by closer association to important policy issues (more…)

May 2 2012 |

5 Truths about Brands on Twitter

To see how businesses are evolving in their use of social media, we analysed the Twitter presence of 258 brands and compared it to this time last year. In this post we run through the key findings but you can read the full report here. (more…)

May 1 2012 |

How Social Media Monitoring Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Getting the most out of social media monitoring tools is something we’re obviously very interested in, and our series of free eBooks is tailored towards different uses available to SMM tool users.

In the fifth such book, we’ve taken an in-depth look at using tools like Brandwatch for lead generation. (more…)