Jun 27 2012 |

The Path To Being More Private

In the day and age where everyone is carrying around a mobile device that quickly links you to any number of social media platforms, tracking devices or music it can some times feel suffocating attempting to keep memorable moments private. Perhaps the argument could be that if someone doesn’t enjoy being so public with their said “moments” they shouldn’t participate in Twitter or Facebook.

Jun 22 2012 |

Campaigns Enticing Consumers To Make It Count

There are many people out there, at times, lacking the motivation to get off the couch, put on their running shoes and work more than just their hand-to-TV-remote coordination. These days the shake weight isn’t going to cut it. (more…)

Jun 21 2012 |

Putting Twitter in Charge of the England Team [infographic]

In a characteristically scrappy and unglamorous style, England managed to make it through the group stages in Euro 2012. The game really got people ranting and raving on Twitter, so we used our social media monitoring tool to assess what people thought of the players. (more…)

Jun 20 2012 |

Word-of-Mouth Marketing at its Best

Social media marketing in many ways embodies traditional marketing, and word-of-mouth is central to how messages spread across the web.

Jun 18 2012 |

The Steps to Take to Prove Your ROI

Putting a particular price tag on social media efforts has been an uphill battle that many companies are still tinkering over. Navigating these investments in the right way will result in not only ROI but also company growth and a larger budget for future social media campaigns. (more…)

Jun 16 2012 |

Tracking the Games With the Mediacom KPI Boards

Our sponsorship buzz tracking tools show who’s leading the race for social success in the “mention marathon”. (more…)

Jun 16 2012 |

The Social Brands 100 Dataviz

This year we once again provided data for Headstream’s Social Brands 100.


Jun 14 2012 |

What if Twitter Selected the England Team? [infographic]

Love football? Love social media? Well we’ve created just the sort of thing you’ll like.

Fans around Europe have been screaming at their TVs and taking to Twitter to voice their opinions about the players in Euro 2012. We wondered what the line-up would be if we listened to Twitter instead of the managers. (more…)

Jun 13 2012 |

Why Rich Media Loves Social Media

Internet users have much shorter attention spans than they used to, largely due to the rising popularity of social media platforms.

Ever since sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube launched, people expect to get their information quickly and in short, entertaining chunks. (more…)

Jun 12 2012 |

Euro 2012 Player Buzz Data-Viz

It’s come to that time of year when the Jubilee Union Jacks are replaced with St. George flags, with millions of patriotic banners indicating to everyone in the country that there’s a major football tournament going on.

Click here to check out the full data-viz (more…)