Jul 31 2012 |

Does Any Publicity Really Mean Good Publicity?

GO COMPARE! GO COMPAAAAAAAAAAARE, where people go, to save some … SHUT UP. Just shut the hell up. That’s what we’ve all been screaming at our TV screens for years. Why won’t that annoying bloke just tie a rope round his neck and get it over with? (more…)

Jul 30 2012 |

Product Update: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

This weekend we mourned the loss of one of our forefathers, old Granddad Brandwatch, or 3.9 as it was known to its friends. Yesterday the life support machine was switched off, as we whispered our tender goodbyes to a formerly great hero of ours. (more…)

Jul 27 2012 |

Social Media The Crime Fighting Renegade

At one point or another we’ve all thought about how cool it would be to become a police officer. As small children we’d play cop and robber, going around the house with our hands cupped together making a play gun, cautiously looking around the corner before springing forward in laughter. Unfortunately, the dreams of rocking a holster and steel-toe boots are long gone, but not completely lost… (more…)

Jul 26 2012 |

Twelve Angry Men (and Women): When Tweeters Can’t Control Themselves (pt. 2)

Yesterday we posted the first half of our countdown of the twelve angriest celebs on Twitter – those men and women who just can’t keep their comments to themselves when they really should.

Here are the final six, including the winner of the ‘award’ for angriest celeb tweeter. Enjoy. (more…)

Jul 26 2012 |

How to Get The Most Out of Your Social Media Monitoring RFPs: The Dos and Don’ts

Here at Brandwatch, we’ve recently been receiving – and winning – a lot of RFPs (Request for Proposals) for our Social Media Monitoring Services. From 70+ page detailed proposals to one-page Requests For Information, we’ve seen a lot of variation in length and also how sensibly each one has been put together. (more…)

Jul 25 2012 |

Twelve Angry Men (and Women): When Tweeters Can’t Control Themselves (pt. 1)

Twitter is, let’s face it, a PR nightmare. It seems celebrities and ‘normal folk’ alike just can’t help getting themselves into trouble, wading into rows and posting drunken rants on the microblogging site.

Twitter-beefing has even been called ‘America’s new national pastime’. (more…)

Jul 25 2012 |

Using Social Media Monitoring to Identify Influencers

Social media monitoring can be a tricky business. With blog posts and newsfeeds, forums and tweets by the million, brands need a reliable toolset to pick out useful insights from endless masses of data. Put simply, a ‘Google it’ approach doesn’t even scratch the surface. (more…)

Jul 24 2012 |

Launching our Sponsor Twitter Tracker

We’ve partnered with MediaCom Sport, the sports marketing division of MediaCom Worldwide, to once again put together an insightful and fun data visualisation, this time surrounding the Olympic sponsors’ buzz.

The upcoming games is set to be one of the most popular social media events in sporting history, with Twitter playing a prominent role as host of the online buzz surrounding the various competitions. (more…)

Jul 24 2012 |

Oversharing on Social Media: Will We Never Learn?

Despite the never ending articles and horror stories about privacy and how much we’re sharing on social media, some of us never learn. Last week, the power of social media – and the dangers of not being careful about what you post – was demonstrated to great effect. (more…)

Jul 23 2012 |

Smooth Operators: The Ultimate Guide to Query-building Operators

While many people may not have even heard of a Boolean, millions of us use them every single day. Sites like Google can interpret your searches using Booleans and it’s a similar set of operators that lets you make queries in Brandwatch. (more…)