Sep 28 2012 |

How We Transformed Data into … Art?

What do you get when you take copious amounts of beer, burgers, pizza, sweat, testosterone, imagination, creativity, code and buckets of data and lock it all in a room for 48 hours? Clue: the answer’s not Facebook. (more…)

Sep 27 2012 |

The Changing Face of Traditional Market Research

Whether you’re just starting your research into finding the best social media monitoring (SMM) tool for you, or have been using one for some time, you may be wondering where SMM fits in with your traditional market research methods such as surveys, focus groups and so on.


Sep 27 2012 |

Digital Sizzle Dataviz

Last night saw the showcasing of the wonderful projects that came out of the Digital Sizzle 6 hackathon at London’s Whitechapel Gallery.


Sep 25 2012 |

Six Dos and Don’ts of Using Twitter Hashtags for Events

Running an event? Using Twitter to promote it? Associating a Twitter hashtag with your event can be a great way to drum up interest before, during and after the occasion. (more…)

Sep 24 2012 |

How the Obama Campaign Could Lead to Digital Lessons for Us All

I came across an interesting post from Daniel Priestly (who runs Triumphant events and has recently stepped down as interim CEO of the social networking site Ecademy) recently that got me thinking. (more…)

Sep 21 2012 |

Social Media Shows Founding American Values at the Heart of the Presidency Battle

Brandwatch data highlights the importance of ire on both sides of the electoral divide.

The level of vitriol in US politics is running high with 46 days remaining on the campaign trail. (more…)

Sep 20 2012 |

TV Networks Looking To Curate A Social Experience For Viewers

These days, many of us take to tweeting and status updates while indulging in our favorite of various guilty pleasures, from our beloved TV series to popular awards shows or any one of the many sporting events. (more…)

Sep 19 2012 |

An Interview With Cloudera’s James Kinley

We’re getting excited about the first Big Data Brighton meetup, which is being held on 27th September as part of the Brighton Digital Festival and will feature guest speaker James Kinley from Cloudera.


Sep 17 2012 |

Fashion Week’s Social Buzz Roundup

Fashion week in New York City has come to a close. The clacking of heels shuffling across Lincoln Center has subsided and fashion models have all taken out their hair extensions and started having solid foods again. (more…)

Sep 17 2012 |

Gearing Up for Thought Leadership Live at ad:tech

It’s just two days until ad:tech London, the interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition.