Oct 31 2012 |

Spying on People Dressing Up: The Most Popular Halloween Costumes

So it’s that time of year again, the only night of the year where you can dip your head into a bucket of water to retrieve an apple with no questions asked.


Oct 30 2012 |

Launching the US Electoral Compass 2012

With the presidential election looming ever closer, the push to win voters will become even more crucial over the next few days.


Oct 30 2012 |

Just How Much of the Web Can We Crawl?

As a Social Media Monitoring company, the quality of our coverage is integral to our performance as a business: but what exactly does that mean? (more…)

Oct 29 2012 |

Funky Friday: Letting It All Hang Out With ‘20% Time’

Back in 1974, when people were still frustrated by the inability to easily stick paper notes to screens, fridges and cupboard doors, a wonderfully-named scientist, Art Fry, had a thought.


Oct 26 2012 |

Report: Which Monitoring Tool is the Most Satisfactory?

We recently wrote about an independent report into the social media monitoring sector and pulled out some highlights written about Brandwatch. (more…)

Oct 25 2012 |

Brands on Twitter Research Informs Product Development

Our approach to updating and improving our product is a serious and considered process. We’ve experimented with a number of different techniques, and this post will unveil a sneak peek behind the curtain as to how things are done at Brandwatch. (more…)

Oct 24 2012 |

Product Update: Super Flexible Charting

One of the most acclaimed aspects of the Brandwatch interface is the tool’s suite of robust and pretty charting features, which gives you the ability to display your data from a broad range of criteria and in a wide variety of presentations. (more…)

Oct 23 2012 |

Does Your CEO Know How You Measure Social Media?

The days of simply plugging in your brand name and trusting the data behind the line graphs in your SMM tool are over. (more…)

Oct 22 2012 |

Web Liquid Report Reveals Leading Monitoring Tools

In an industry as cluttered and confusing as social media monitoring, there is understandably a huge demand for clarity and expertise for businesses when selecting a vendor. (more…)

Oct 17 2012 |

The Great British Bake Off Winners According to Twitter

So, last night saw not only the postponing of the England vs Poland match, but also the tense final of everybody’s favourite oven-based show, The Great British Bake Off (GBBO). (more…)