Nov 30th |

Which Christmas Ad is Making Social Media Users Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside?

So tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, it is the 1st of December, which means that you can legitimately start playing ‘All I Want for Christmas’ on repeat whilst watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and writing endless lists of things to buy/do/cook/wrap. (more…)

Nov 29th |

Why Are Community Managers Terrible Community Members?

Us community managers are, by our very nature, sociable beings. (more…)

Nov 28th |

What Makes a Social Media Metric Stand Up To Scrutiny?

Social media land is jam-packed with metrics. If you haven’t had a week with a new metric and whitepaper arriving – well, you probably just haven’t been checking your email. (more…)

Nov 28th |

How Can Brandwatch Help You Segment and Categorise Social Media Data?

You may have noticed that recently we’ve written a few posts about the capabilities of the Brandwatch tool.  (more…)

Nov 26th |
panda furniture

Social Media and Furniture Retailers (With Added Meatballs)

Furniture. Some of us are excited by it. Others are nonchalant about it. But whether it be antique, or modern, handbuilt or flatpack, we all need it. (more…)

Nov 23rd |

The Law, Social Media and Freedom of Speech

It seems that not a week goes by now without another case of someone getting in legal trouble for something that they’ve posted on a social network. (more…)

Nov 23rd |

Listening to Social Media to Predict the X Factor Winner

Here at Brandwatch we’ve decided to turn our hand to a little online palm reading. With just three weeks to go before the X Factor final, we want to see if we can predict the final results. (more…)

Nov 20th |

Social Media and the Yogurt Industry

Is it yogurt or yoghurt? Americans seems to switch between the two, while Brits settle on the latter. Other former colonies have further preferences, so navigating the discussion of the dairy snack is a bit of a minefield. It must depend on the culture, eh? (more…)

Nov 16th |

The Ultimate Case Study: Brandwatch Inception

Steady yourselves ladies and gentlemen, for this article is about use of tools by the tool makers themselves. (more…)

Nov 13th |

8 Tech Inventions and Gadgets That Never Took Off

Here at Brandwatch we love innovation just as much as the next person, but sometimes inventors out there possibly go a little bit too far ‘outside of the box’. (more…)