Dec 21th |

Happy Holidays from the Brandwatch Team!

So, the world hasn’t ended. What a surprise… But, another year IS ending (but not in an apocalyptic way). (more…)

Dec 20th |

The End of the World: How Do People Feel?

So, the world is ending tomorrow. Excited? Afraid? Nonchalant?

In case you hadn’t heard (where have you been?!), some people believe the world will end tomorrow, the 21st December 2012, due to the fact that this is when the Mayan calendar ‘ends’. (more…)

Dec 19th |

The Brandwatch Website: Reloaded (and farewell to the old one)

If you’re reading this then you may have noticed something’s changed. If you can’t work out what it is, we’ll give you a clue: it begins with ‘new websi’ and ends in ‘te’. (more…)

Dec 19th |

How We Use Social: Highlights from the Social Media Report 2012

The annual Social Media Report by Nielson and NM Incite has now been published and it contains some fascinating insights into social media and internet usage, and how it has changed, over the last year. (more…)

Dec 17th |

Product Update: Making Group Sharing and Query-Writing Easier

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun, but this doesn’t mean we’re quaffing mulled wine with our feet up at Brandwatch. As ever, we have another exciting Product Update for you. (more…)

Dec 14th |

Celebrating Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children

Today is a special day in the Brandwatch Brighton office, not least because tonight is our office Christmas party, but also because we are taking part in Christmas Jumper Day. (more…)

Dec 13th |

Joining forces: Brandwatch Collaboration with GNIP

Keeping our finger firmly pressed on the social media pulse, we are proud to be named an inaugural member of Gnip’s newly launched Plugged In partner program today.


Dec 12th |

Six of the Best Christmas-Themed Pinterest Boards

We’re starting to feel very festive here at Brandwatch, what with Christmas parties happening left, right and centre, festive jumpers infiltrating the office and Boo (the office dog) wearing Christmas hats. (more…)

Dec 11th |

Christmas Jumpers at the Ready…Digimas is Here!

It’s finally here! That’s right, the Christmas-bonanza that is Digimas is tomorrow and we’re very much looking forward to it. (more…)

Dec 10th |

Video: Interview with Single Edition Media

If you’re single these days you may have noticed how much social media plays a role in your dating life. From flirting tweets, Facebook poking, and the exchange of LinkedIn profiles. (more…)