Identifying Influencers at VirComm 2013 – The Top Ten

Yesterday’s VirComm Summit in the prestigious Royal Institute was a rousing success, as it further established itself as the leading community management conference in the UK.

As so much of the talk was about locating and filtering for the most influential people within an industry, for a brand or about a topic, I thought it might be an idea to take a look at the biggest influencers at the event itself.

Yeah, I just got all meta on this. I looked for the most influential people that talked about the Virtual Community Summit in the past month, using Brandwatch’s clever query system and metadata to find and rank all conversation about the event, not just those that used the #vircomm13 hashtag.

I was even courteous to remove Brandwatch’s own Twitter account from the list, snatching the highly-prized 9th place from ourselves. We can’t be judge and judged.

So with no further ceremony, here are the top influencers about VirComm 2013. Thanks to all whom we met and said nice things to and about us.

10/ Vanessa DiMauro

9/ Sarah Drinkwater

8/ Stuart Witts

7/ Meg Pickard

6/ Vikki Chowney

5/ Marie Ennis-O’Connor

4/ Ben Bateman

3/ Jenn Pedde

2/ Neville Hobson

1/ Darragh Doyle


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