What Twitter Thought of BrightonSEO [Infographic]

Last week saw thousands of attendees descend on our home turf, Brighton, for one of the most popular SEO events in the world, BrightonSEO. It’s come a long way in the four years it’s been running, from a small meet up to an event split over three venues, with thousands of attendees and an extensive list of speakers.

Not surprising then that this year tickets to the free conference ‘sold out’ in less than a day.

Our friends over at social media agency No Pork Pies have put together a handy round up of the highlights of the event. They also went so far as to use Brandwatch and our new Twitter Insights feature to find out what everyone else thought of the conference and what attendees were chatting about online.

They’ve put together this rather lovely Brighton-themed infographic with some top stats about the online buzz.

Here’s a 5 second overview of BrightonSEO on Twitter:

  • 4090 tweets
  • 11% positive, 2% negative
  • Top 3 most mentioned tweeters: @kelvinnewman, @brightonseo and @danielbianchini
  • People are happy. Most popular emoticons :) , :-) & ;)
  • The ex-Googlers were a hot topic for discussion



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