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101 Times Brands Went Viral in 2019

We used Iris, Brandwatch's AI assistant, to find 101 times brands went viral this year. Read the report to learn: Which marketing campaigns were most successful Which brands caused outrage Which unexpected events caused huge spikes in conversation around top brands We used Iris, Brandwatch's AI ass...


Benchmarking Social Intelligence find out. We sought to understand what makes a social strategy intelligent, and how the smartest companies are finding business value from social media. Analyzing the results of over 380 brands and agencies, we’ve learned, including: The most common social media use-cases in each industry, How sop...


The 2017 Social Outlook One definitive report on the state of social. The Social Outlook is the most comprehensive look at the trends that will impact brands on social in 2018. We've analyzed 200 million consumer conversations to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each industry. Discover best opportunities t...


Social Analyst Playbook: Future-proof your social insights

...y. In this playbook, learn: the foundation of the social analyst the importance of a solid methodology how to set up social analyses to answer any business question One of the most common setbacks for marketing and consumer insights teams implementing social analytics is not knowing the fundamentals....


The Social Outlook

...graphic 200 million conversations. Over 250 brands. 13 industries. One definitive report on the state of social. The definitive annual report on the state of social...


Using Social Media Analytics to Amplify the Voice of the Customer

...finding your customer's voice helps with everything from improving products to spotting a crisis before it happens. It all comes down to effective social listening and analysis. Read our free guide now to find out how to get started. It's time to really listen to the voice of your customers....


Social Plus: For analysts who need a 360° view of their customers

...ata integrations that can lead to actionable insights: Social + survey data Social + product reviews Social + forum data Social + website analytics Social + PR data Social + sales data Learn how to integrate social and other data sources to deliver insights to every team in your organization...


Social Plus: For Marketers Tired of Siloed Data

...Some things are better together. Including data. Learn how to drive greater insight and opportunity with a 360-degree approach. See integrated marketing in action: Social + Sales Social + Search Social + TV Data Social + Web Analytics Some things are better together. Learn how to drive greater insig...

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