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Automated reporting

Automated Reports deliver an overview of your data straight to your inbox, saving you time.

The reports display top-level insights across any Query or Channel you are tracking. They are quick to setup and easy to share.

There are three templates to choose from:

  • Snapshot – An overview of your brand or topic Query, including volume history, page type, topics, top mentions and influencers.
  • Twitter Channel – An overview of any Twitter Channel you’re tracking (whether it be your own or that of a competitor’s) including volume history, follower trends, most impactful tweeters and tweets, and top hashtags.
  • Benchmark – An overview comparing two Queries side-by-side for competitor or campaign benchmarking, including volume history, page type, topics, top mentions and influencers for both Queries.

Deliver your reports as frequently as you need: daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

Each report includes percentage changes, comparing your chosen date range to the previous period.

They’re sent to your inbox in HTML and PDF, so that you can then share them with others, even those without a Brandwatch login.