We’re dedicated to making Brandwatch the fastest, most intuitive social intelligence solution on the market, without sacrificing the depth, transparency and flexibility our users know and love.

Our automation features allow anyone to quickly and easily conduct social analysis to discover important insights.

The Wizard interfaces are designed to allow even a complete beginners to create refined Queries and build Dashboards enhanced with smart segmentation.

The Query Wizard

The Query Wizard makes setting up brand searches incredibly simple, even for beginner users.

It does all the hard work for you – you just answer a few simple questions and it’ll build an accurate brand search for you in minutes.

You’ll still get accurate, relevant data, but without the need to master Boolean – perfect for new or more casual users, or setting up searches quickly on the fly.

The Dashboard Wizard

The Dashboard Wizard automates the entire process of setting up Dashboards by slicing and dicing your data based on your responses to questions in a simple form. It will then create Categories and Rules, as well as a corresponding Dashboard pre-filtered to study this segmentation.

Smart Setups in 90 seconds

It allows even a complete beginner to create a fully customized, segmented Dashboard in a matter of minutes, with no prior knowledge of boolean required at any stage.

By studying your data in a segmented Dashboard, key insights about specific products, people, hashtags are revealed and brought to the surface.

There are currently two Dashboard Wizards to choose from, aimed at solving two different use cases:

  • Brand Monitoring: Create the perfect Dashboard for monitoring a single brand. Ideally used with a brand Query from the Query Wizard. The Brand Monitoring Dashboard Wizard enables you to explore the key metrics and conversations about the brand, as well as segment your data by products, hashtags and key people.
  • Campaign Tracking: Delve into a hashtag Query to look at the impact of the campaign, and highlight any major strengths or weaknesses. Only hashtag Queries made using the Query Wizard can be used with the Campaign Tracking Dashboard Wizard.

Real, insightful results

Dashboards created in the Wizard are not simply watered-down top-level overviews. They’re exactly the same as those created manually from scratch and can be edited and reworked in just the same way after being created.

Seamless team collaboration

Using the Dashboard Wizard doesn’t add to your current data usage. Instead, it segments your existing data in ways defined by you, allowing you to get the most out of your Queries.

This is extremely useful for larger teams as it allows several people to work on the same central source of information without any danger of losing data or exceeding usage limits.