Brandwatch Analytics is a powerful platform, but we know that sometimes you might want to access your data outside of the platform, either to create your own reports or products, or to integrate it into other applications.

Brandwatch has a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to access all of the data, metadata and metrics available within Brandwatch Analytics and integrate it into your other business applications or products. Our API is simple, quick and easy to use.

Use our API to bring the power of Brandwatch data to your business:

  • Generate comprehensive reports mixing your business data with social
  • Create custom visualizations in your preferred business intelligence tool
  • Feed other business applications, e.g. an owned Data Lake for modeling
  • Develop new products leveraging social data enriched by Brandwatch Analytics

View the developer docs.

Availability and pricing

The API is available to all approved Brandwatch Analytics customers and comes free with a fair usage of 30 calls per 10 minutes. For more intensive API requirements, you have the option to upgrade to our API+ subscription, which has a fair usage policy of 600 calls per 10 minutes (i.e. one call per second).

Please contact us for more details about Brandwatch Analytics and to discuss your API needs.

If you’re already a Brandwatch customer, please speak to your account manager or the support team for more information about using the standard API or upgrading to our API+ subscription.