While Queries are like searches across the whole internet for discussion of particular terms, Channels are designed for deep analysis of your – and your competitors’ – owned media channels.

Channels can be setup up on any public Facebook page or Twitter account, regardless of whether you have admin rights.

Channels goes beyond just tracking the number of Likes and Retweets. It gives you in-depth insight into your community and content.


  • Flexible top line metrics: Chart key metrics and insights over time such as posts, comments, Likes and ‘People talking about this’ for Facebook and followers, Retweets and @mentions for Twitter.
  • Segment by user and content type to understand more about the people behind the conversation.
  • Influencer and topic analysis: Identify the fans, advocates, tweets, posts and comments with the most impact and understand the topics and sentiment behind the conversation.
  • Content evaluation: Understand the impact of your social media content, with post- and comment-level analysis.


The feature is particularly beneficial to community, campaign and brand managers, and agencies who want to:

  • Identify which types of content perform best in order to optimise content output and apply learnings to future campaigns.
  • Compare to competitors’ channels in order to understand opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in your social marketing strategy.
  • Grow your community and drive advocacy by identifying the most engaged and active fans to nurture, and track growth over time.
  • Increase brand growth and visibility by better understanding the relationship between your social media output and your earned media.