Data management


Working with social data can often be overwhelming. Thankfully Brandwatch Analytics comes with Rules that automatically segment and markup your dataset based on what’s important to you. They make working with social data easier and quicker.

Rules allow you to tell the system to automatically categorize mentions that fulfil certain criteria. They continue to categorize in real-time and can also be applied to historical mentions; so if you spot an emerging trend, you can automatically categorize your entire dataset at the click of a button.

Rules can be used in many different ways:

Topic tracking

Rules can be implemented to automatically categorize or tag mentions in that are related to a certain topic. You could use it to create categories about each of your products, or to group together common customer service issues.


Improve your workflows by assigning mentions to relevant team members. For example, automatically delegate complaints to your customer service department or assign potential leads to your sales team.

You can also use Rules to automatically assign a priority value (High, Medium or Low) or status value (Pending, Open or Closed).

Reclassifying sentiment

No sentiment system, even a human one, can ever be 100% accurate. Certain industries may have terms that have a different context which makes it difficult to classify them correctly, and there is a layer of subjectivity inherent in any kind of sentiment analysis.

Rules will help you reclassify sentiment based on your specific requirements.

Bulk processing

With the huge volumes of data available in Brandwatch, the ability to manage your data in bulk is a crucial piece of functionality. Brandwatch Analytics includes advanced bulk processing features for data management, making the mass categorization, deletion and other manipulation of your data possible in seconds.