Filtering and lists


Sometimes looking at top level metrics isn’t enough. Making sense of your social data can often involve digging deeper. Brandwatch Analytics is truly flexible, offering you extensive filtering options to suit all types of analysis.

The vast range of metadata we attribute to each mention in your dataset gives you incredible power when it comes to segmenting and filtering.

You can apply any number of filters to every component in Brandwatch Analytics. Simply open the filter menu and select what data to include and exclude. View all our available filters.


Lists can be created and maintained for effective analysis of location, site or author groups. These can be uploaded via CSV, or curated within the platform. They can also be updated on-the-fly as you identify instances that you wish to add to your list.

Components can be filtered by these lists, either on an inclusive or exclusive basis.

Intelligent use of author lists can be implemented to conduct detailed analysis of particular demographics, customers or influencers. Site lists are often used to track brand or topic coverage in predetermined target publications, and location lists can be put together to discover more about specific regions relevant to your business, such as North Eastern USA or Spanish-speaking markets.

Lists can be set to private, editable or viewable, and can be implemented across Projects.

Search within a search

You can also perform Boolean searches within your Queries helping you find relevant mentions quickly. We make it easy for you to get as granular as you wish.