Historical data

Due to the way we gather and store data, we can provide historical mentions that we already have in our archive through a process called ‘backfilling’.

Historical data is useful for researching trends over time, or comparing your metrics to past performance.

Our data archive goes back to June 2010 and includes all sources, such as blogs, forums, news sites, and social networks. This comes as standard to Enterprise subscriptions.

Pro subscriptions have access to one month of historical data, with additional historical data available at a nominal charge.

Unlimited Historical Data

Clients can instantly collect three years of historical data on any topic they want. The Unlimited Historical Data package uses a 10% sample of Twitter plus our full Brandwatch Archive to offer fast and reliable historical insight.

Twitter Hindsight

For research projects where full historical Twitter data is needed, we offer access to every tweet back to 2006 with Twitter Hindsight for small fee, based on the amount of data you need.