Influence metrics

Not all mentions are equal. That’s why Brandwatch Analytics includes plenty of statistics to help you determine what’s most important to your brand.

Impact score

Impact is our proprietary scoring system, designed to help you filter the important from the unimportant and giving you one score that allows you to make comparisons across different types of sites. Impact reflects how much each mention, author or site is seen and shared online.

Behind the scenes, the Impact score is comprised of:

  • How much potential a mention has to be seen.
  • How much a mention has been viewed, shared or retweeted.

Twitter influencer metrics

Brandwatch Analytics has a wealth of metrics that makes it easy to pinpoint influencers on Twitter. Every Twitter mention includes the following influence metrics:

  • Retweets – The number of times the Tweet has been retweeted.
  • Reach Score – The sum of the influence of the author and all Tweeters who have retweeted the Tweet.
  • Tweets – The number of Tweets posted by the user.
  • Followers – The number of people following the Tweeter.
  • Verified – The verification status of the author’s account.
  • Influence – A measure of online influence provided by Kred.
  • Outreach – A measure of online outreach provided by Kred.

Site visitor metrics

Our site visitor metrics will help you determine which news and blog mentions had the biggest impact. Sites comes with the following statistics:

  • MozRank – A link popularity score. The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank.
  • Backlinks – The number of external links pointing to a website. The backlinks metric is a good indicator of the quality of a website, or the trust placed in that site by other web sites.
  • Visitors/Month – Estimated number of unique visitors per month.
  • Avg. Visits – Estimated number of times a unique visitor accesses a site over a month.
  • Avg. Pages – Estimated number of pages viewed per visit.
  • Avg. Time (min) – Estimated average amount of time, in minutes, that a unique visitor spends on a site.

Definitions of influence will vary from business to business, which is why we allow you to combine these metrics in any way you see fit.