Queries are how you to tell the Brandwatch Analytics platform which data you wish to collect and analyze from our millions of sources. It’s like a Google search, but much more refined. Results are updated continuously as new comments are made and new content is published.

We give you the freedom to create and edit your own Queries whenever you like, so you have complete control over the data you receive.

We have one of the most powerful Query engines on the market. The result? Better data, better insights and better decisions.

There are two different ways to build your Queries.

Query Wizard

The Query Wizard makes setting up brand searches incredibly simple, even for beginner users.

It does all the hard work for you – you just answer a few simple questions and it’ll build an accurate brand search for you in minutes.

You’ll still get accurate, relevant data, but without the need to master Boolean – perfect for new or more casual users, or setting up searches quickly on the fly.

Query Editor

Those who want to track broader topic Queries or specific subsets of brand conversation can use our Query Editor. This gives users the freedom and flexibility to build Queries from scratch using Boolean operators and relevant words/phrases.

Users have 23 different Boolean operators on hand to craft the most relevant, refined search possible.

The Query Editor still offers plenty of help, colour coding operators so they’re easy to see, automatically highlighting errors and suggesting fixes.

It also provides a preview that shows example mentions, volume history, top sites and authors and common topics to help you see what kind of mentions your search is bringing back so you can refine as necessary.

Sample Queries

Once you’ve created you Query, you can determine what percentage of mentions you want to collect using Sample Queries.

When volume isn’t important, Sample Queries gives you an overview without the need to handle unmanageable volumes of data. It can also be a useful feature for keeping within your mention allowance, if you have one.

We believe excellent Query writing is at the heart of effective social listening. This is why we’ve invested so much time into creating the most sophisticated Query Builder on the market.

We provide users with plenty of guidance on writing Queries including videos, tips, guides and best practice advice, plus our in-house support team can help should you need them.