Whether you’re an agency seeking to report upon the results of a successful campaign or an analyst needing to distribute insights across a large enterprise, sharing is an important feature for most users of Brandwatch Analytics.

The platform offers comprehensive API access and functionality, meaning you can use Brandwatch data in other products and places. The exporting features also allow for downloading of data for further off-platform sharing.

Brandwatch Analytics itself is designed to make sharing as simple and flexible as possible.

Rules, categories, tags and lists are all shared across projects for efficient sharing of data analysis.

Dashboards, the part of Brandwatch Analytics in which the core analysis of data is undertaken, can be saved in three different ways:

  • Unshared – Your dashboard will remain private and only you will be able to see and edit it.
  • View mode – Your dashboard can be viewed by users that you have shared it with. They will only be able to edit the date range.
  • Analyst mode – Your dashboard can be viewed by users that you have shared it with. They will be able to apply filters and change the mentions data.

Dashboards can also be saved locally, helping you build and share your own Dashboard templates to upload elsewhere in your Project, or for your colleagues to use with their own Queries.

The Automated Reports, Signals and Alerts features are all centered around the sharing of insights inside organizations, helping distribute data to the individuals and teams that are best positioned to take advantage of it. They can be shared with anyone, including those without logins.

A variety of different user permission levels are available, meaning the specific degree of access for each user can be carefully controlled.